“VAILM Institute (comic book)” script to kill the truth of the plot murder mystery revealed by the murderer

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Get all replay please private letter, may not be the first time to see, but see later xiaobian will timely reply to your oh story type: future, reasoning, reduction standard number of people: players 6 +DM1 person background story:2045, human science and technology advances rapidly, especially in Ai artificial intelligence, revolutionary achievements, artificial intelligence machines, has replaced the vast majority of labor work.History called “the third Industrial Revolution”.For the development of artificial intelligence, many questions about robot ethics and safety have been raised.In A 1942 short story, Isaac Asimov, A science fiction writer, proposed three principles for robots, which have become the three iron laws of A’s intelligence research. First, A robot should not harm human beings or cause human beings to be harmed by its inaction.2. A robot must obey commands unless those commands violate the first rule;A robot must protect itself, but such protection must not be contrary to the first and second principles.These three iron laws have become taboos in all intelligent industries of A. In order to avoid taboos, the industry has become A convention not to touch the research of robots with human-like thinking.VAILM Research Institute, which is engaged in AI intelligence research, is located at the foot of Panlong Mountain and beside Anyan Lake.Director Nan Qianzhen, but also AI intelligence research industry leader.And put the VALM Institute on the map.Our story today, took place in VA son M research Institute, peaceful Anyan Lake can no longer calm…Script highlights: wake up drama system carefully to create the first pure cartoon this sub-mirror professional, medium volume, push the line without bugs, turn over the rate of super high!!It solves the traditional text script reading boring pain points, increases the efficiency and experience of players, so that players can better immersed in the story into the role, is absolutely a good store!!Rush duck!!