To welcome the new blessing, Spitz and Xinghai Experimental Middle School explore the three-dimensional development of education

2022-05-18 0 By

Recently, the administrative staff of Xinghai Experimental Middle School visited Spitz for learning, communicating with researchers, exploring the new mode of education informatization, and creating a new model of AI enabling education.Yu Kai, co-founder and chief scientist of Spitz and professor of computer Science department of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, introduced in detail the development status of artificial intelligence industry and the results of the deep integration of AI in the field of education.Accompanied by Zhou Weida, co-founder & Chairman of Shencong Intelligent and Li Chunmei, vice President of Spici, the two sides held a heated discussion on the education mode of “school-enterprise integration and technology empowerment” in Xinghai Experimental Middle School.Spitz and Xinghai Experimental Middle School will continue to explore scientific and technological innovation led by Party construction, integrate artificial intelligence and education deeply, and do a good job in scientific and technological education, vocational personalized education and lifelong education around the future planning of junior and senior high school students, so as to promote the more flexible and three-dimensional development of education.Suzhou Industrial Park Xinghai Experimental Middle School was founded in September 2000, centering on suzhou No.1 industry, vigorously promotes the cultivation of reserve talents in life science.Gather many excellent educational concepts, educational resources and educational methods in the park to build a blueprint for the “peak” of education in the park.For nanjing University, Tongji University, Southeast University, Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, East China Normal University and other more than 10 famous universities and high quality students source base.As an eagle incubated by Suzhou Industrial Park, SpITZ has grown into a professional conversational ARTIFICIAL intelligence platform company under the guidance of national policies and the park, constantly completing scientific and technological innovation and optimization and upgrading under the standardization strategy.Spitz adheres to the path of industry-university-research integration, establishes intelligent human-computer Interaction joint laboratory with Shanghai Jiao Tong University, and promotes and supports the establishment of “Shanghai Jiao Tong University Suzhou Artificial Intelligence Research Institute” in Suzhou Industrial Park.To maintain long-term interaction and cooperation with domestic universities and carry out in-depth talent training cooperation plan is the epitome of Spitz’s adherence to the path of industry-university-research integration.At present, the state assignment of artificial intelligence technology to the construction of campus each major patterns show a broad application prospect, under the cross tolerance, the concept of open innovation, will chi will play a core strength, to build a new generation of talent highland in the development of artificial intelligence to provide technology support and talent guarantee, and the education institutes to participate, source power shape with the fusion of science education of ecology.