This is what a 48-year-old man thought after his wife forgave him for cheating on his daughter’s classmate

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At 48, I was tempted to cheat on my daughter’s schoolmate for four years.After confessing to his wife, she calmly said, just come back.Wife looks good, I doubt she has been idle these 4 years.The hero of the story is a middle-aged man, 48 years old, called Cheng Feng.Cheng Feng and his wife are introduced by people.In those days, beauty and talent recognized each other as soon as they met.After they got married, they gave birth to their daughter Juanzi.After marriage life to plain, the wife put most of the time on the child, cheng Feng felt neglected.Fortunately, he has a lot of fair-weather friends.As long as there is an opportunity to become a peak and friends will drink in a complete mess, vomit after coming back to get everywhere, but also the wife to help clean up, as time passes, the wife has complained.The couple began to quarrel.Wife accused cheng Feng regardless of home, every day outside fooling around.Cheng Feng said his wife dont understand yourself, become yellow face old woman, will only complain.Later, Cheng Feng said to his wife, such a life is not what I want, or we good good scattered.Wife think, juanzi is too small, divorce is not good for children.She thought seriously after a long talk with Cheng Feng.His wife admitted his mistakes, cheng Feng said he also have a wrong place, two people said their own review, live a good life.Later, both really changed a lot, the day returned to the right track.A seemingly normal life hides a crisis.Cheng Feng think their life is lack of passion, feel young on the old life, still water ripples, placid, some unwilling.Juanzi after school, cheng Feng is responsible for the shuttle.Juanzi has a female classmate from primary school to high school in a school, called Dali, extroverted, met cheng Feng always long uncle, uncle short, very sweet mouth.During the holidays, Dali often came to juanzi to play together.Cheng Feng, as an elder, always prepares snacks and fruits for the two girls.Dahlia would say, uncle is so kind.Later, I was nervous about my study, and the number of dahlia visits was less.Juanzi and Dali were admitted to the university. For more than two years, Cheng Feng never saw Dali again.One summer vacation, Dali suddenly appeared in front of Cheng Feng.Cheng Feng feel big beautiful suddenly grew into a woman from girls, do not feel a move in the heart.Dahli combs big wave hair, big eyes flicker flicker, flower light makeup, mischievously said, Uncle Cheng, do you still know me?I’m Dahli.Dali to find Juanzi, Cheng Feng as usual to give them to eat.Knock on the door, found juanzi’s eyes are red and swollen.Later, just know, juanzi brokenhearted, she told Juanzi, the little boy is unreliable, he is ready to find an uncle.The whole family also feel worried for big beautiful, did not think, since then, big beautiful often come home, juanzi in not all come, see big beautiful unhappy, the wife also advised big beautiful, good man have a plenty of, fate did not arrive, not worried.Cheng Feng also in the side to help.Once in the home, only cheng Feng one person, Dali came, two people sitting on the sofa have a no take chat, slowly cheng Feng feel big li from his closer and closer, later, simply next to cheng Feng, head on the shoulder of cheng Feng.Cheng Feng do not know what she means, like elders comfort younger generation patted big beautiful shoulder, did not expect, big beautiful all of a sudden around cheng Feng’s neck, and then slightly looked up, the lips sent up.Cheng Feng eventually did not resist temptation, he and Dali kiss together.Later, Dahli tells Cheng Feng that she has liked him for a long time.See cheng Feng to say what, big beautiful stopped him.I know what you’re gonna say. I don’t care. I’m willing to leave the whole world behind.Face big beautiful spoony, cheng Feng does not have the force that parries, he needs such passion too.Later, Dahli stopped coming home, cheng Feng rented a small house outside, they meet privately outside.Finally things exposed, not a war, juanzi and Dali off contact, back to school.Cheng Feng and his wife began the cold war, and later, cheng Feng simply moved out and live together.Dahli is very dependent on Cheng Feng, Cheng Feng pet dahli, two people glued.Cheng Feng felt his life and the second spring coruscate.Later, dahli found a job after graduation, is a big company, the unit gave a dormitory.But big li still live in cheng Feng here, cheng Feng thinking, if big li does not abandon themselves, ready to go home and his wife divorce, and big li together.Unexpectedly, when he mentioned this topic, Dahli always played a careless eye, one said to go home and parents to discuss, one said I was still small, to play a few more years.Later, Cheng Feng found dahli was lying.Dahli came to Chengfeng less times, chengfeng was bored wandering around outside, saw Dahli and a young man walking arm in arm in the street.See big beautiful that happy tired of strength, cheng Feng knew he met his opponent.After four years, Cheng Feng saw through the Dali, he felt that could not go on like this.After serious thinking, Cheng Feng took the initiative to withdraw, he withdrew the house, back home.Cheng Feng and his wife confessed everything, said his passion fade, want to live a practical life.Did not expect the wife very calmly said, come back good, forget the past, we have been together.Cheng Feng feel very unexpected, the original match in general TELEplay not have to make a while?The wife accepted him so quickly?He wondered.What if your wife’s been hiding something from you for the last four years?Cheng Feng with this idea, sleepless at night, suffering not to find a wife abnormal reasons.Life is always better than TV.Cheng Feng oneself indiscretion, derailed his daughter’s classmate, after the wife forgives, produced doubt to the wife instead.To such husband, do not know cheng Feng wife still have what nostalgia, difficult not come true have what unspeakable bitterness?What do you think of this, please leave a comment.