The Huantai County People’s Procuratorate carried out the Spring Festival visit and “double report” volunteer service activities

2022-05-18 0 By

On the eve of the Spring Festival, the Huantai County People’s Procuratorate focused on the volunteer service activities of visiting and visiting and “double reporting for duty” to send the Party’s care and festive greetings.Party members and cadres from the County Procuratorate visited the homes of retired senior Party members and people with difficulties in the community, inquired about their physical conditions and living conditions in detail, and told them to pay attention to cold protection and epidemic prevention and control in their daily life as the Spring Festival approached.Some party members of the County Procuratorate came to “double report” Baolong community to carry out sanitary cleaning, ban fireworks and epidemic prevention and control publicity activities.In the activity, party members issued a “proposal on fireworks ban” and other forms, reminding the masses to strictly abide by the relevant provisions of the ban on fireworks, support fireworks ban work, advocating to be civilized citizens.