Play to depend on?America claims to be justified in fighting a war, but unites 11 nations to condemn Russia and is under siege: the whole world has a record

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Play play to depend on?The United States claims that all wars are justified and self-defensive.Look not to spoil?The United States has joined 11 countries to condemn Russia for “war crimes”.Burn yourself in the fire?The United States is implicating itself in war crimes, and many countries are pushing back with evidence.Since the beginning of the conflict with Ukraine, the United States has been looking for ways to bring Russia down.We have used everything we can, from propaganda to sanctions, short of a fight with Russia.Recently, the United States has come up with a new tactic: convict Russia of war crimes.This is probably a way for the US to discredit Russia so they can move on.A former NATIONAL security advisor to the PRESIDENT John Bolton has said in an interview with Russia that the United States has been justified in waging wars all these years, according to Russian reports.At the same time, he said, Russia’s special military operations in Ukraine, unlike those of the United States, are not justified.Isn’t this a blatant act of deception?In the interview, Bolton pointed out that although the United States has waged many wars, every one of them was justified by its Allies to defend Western interests or uphold the rules of the world.By this account, Russia’s special military operations in Ukraine are also justified.This war is also supported by Allies, and it is also about defending Russia’s own interests and the rules of the world, even breaking the existing unfair rules of the world.The significance of this particular military operation is far greater than any American war.Bolton, once a vocal advocate of U.S. military action in Iraq, Libya, Syria and other countries, has never been known to dislike U.S. wars.Are we to understand that Russia’s special military operations have harmed U.S. interests?Recently, THE US Secretary of State Blinken issued a statement saying that the US is conducting a “careful review” of Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine.He said Russia had committed war crimes in Ukraine and he would share his intelligence with Allies, partners and others.To this end, the United States, France, Britain and other 11 countries accused Russia of war crimes, said that Russia’s special military operation in Ukraine is in violation of international law, called on the world to condemn Russia, also announced sanctions against Russia.Playing with fire is a danger of getting burned, and lighting it is a danger of getting burned.America’s conviction of Russia has been countered by evidence from many countries: the whole world is on the books.Serbia has publicly accused the United States of war crimes in Serbia.You know what they say, evidence is everything.To this end, Serbia released a large number of video and photos, to prove that the United States bombing Serbia at that time caused a large number of casualties in the local.In addition, Syria and Afghanistan have taken advantage of each other to accuse the United States of numerous crimes.The INTERNATIONAL Criminal Court has gathered enough evidence, but America has refused to go to trial through threats and bravado.It has refused to accept the jurisdiction of the International Court of Justice, but now it is unilaterally accusing other countries. What the US is doing, instead of showing due fairness, only highlights its meddling in the international order.But if the United States does not explain its own affairs clearly, it will be hard to convince.After all, the world is keeping America’s books.(qi month)