Original cartoon | this Spring Festival, I still have a “not perfect”!

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Zhou Yunpeng wrote in his book Green Train:The voice of the train wheels rotate like reggae music to relax for many people the Spring Festival like bloom of fireworks on his way home from the struggle of bright city in all directions to divergence is that warm the crowds is excited heartbeat let a person look forward to the Spring Festival is full of romantic but in reality the blue friends far from such literary and even a little “not perfect” but it is this “not perfect” forThe people peace and joy of reunion night out work for a year the Spring Festival holiday to a lot of people will choose to use this difficult slowly but well fire safety is responsible for the fire prevention supervision and blue friend has not vacation at a stream of unit busy fire prevention work need to climb down climb a building touched the highest point of a building’s deepest Angle where have you been to the blue friends have been to the place you haven’t been toBlue friends so have so when we feel life is bitter might as well try to see the strange and familiar with the “light” is fell upon our ran off 20 seconds to put on combat gear within 60 seconds of a police car due to the Spring Festival is in the fire electricity gas peak will be affected by any carelessness fire sometimes blue friends one day out of several police police back on the way everyone tired sleepAs sweet dreams may be mom and dad to burn the whole food starch mutton soy braised pig feet cool slice of beef chili dishes meat…… the annual family reunion dinner on the table are the favorites of blue friends but as long as hear the alarm will immediately put down the bowl chopsticks respond quickly because the jurisdiction bigger rescue journey far a bucket of hot instant noodles may be blue friends the best dinner at 8 PM, dressed in a blue friendsTen catties of “professional” sit together to watch Spring Festival gala because may at any time received the fire fighting and rescue command everyone with a string taut battle dress so look at Spring Festival gala and on standby as long as the blue bell rang friends dressed like the heavy “dedicated” rapidly to a line of fire fighting and rescue “daddy, mother, daughter-in-law: I’m sorry I won’t be home again this year,” this is a blue friends every yearWill repeat the sentence is not regardless of their own home but they home for everybody “next time you visit in my home do you most like to eat food” the taste of home the warmth of the Spring Festival is called the video to “ordinary holiday blue friends pass” the more holiday blue friends more busy just not busy prepare necessities but busy combat readiness they use practical action to practice for the group of peopleCommitment in the blue seems to be a good friends of the party and the people in the new period “night watchman” is a great honor and pride, even when you are small vehicles ready to check again to yan yan, thin thin, solid and solid relief type, return and rescue the seamless docking of a police are likely to be encountered in the Spring Festival is to protect people’s life and property safety must vigorously promotes the on duty during the Spring Festival to prepareThis is the Spring Festival of the whole country. It also belongs to the blue friends. The “special” Spring Festival is not perfect for the blue friends, but the way they go through fire and water to serve the people is the “most beautiful” salute!To every “ordinary hero” who sticks to his post during the Spring Festival!Yunnan Fire Department