On the vast!Wanda style of romance, you will never expect

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“The most romantic thing I can think of is to watch a movie with her, eat three meals at the square for four seasons, and spend a day with the children in the ocean ball.”What does romance look like?February 14th, in the comments section of Wanda Video number, you who love give the best answer!Yes, romance is not necessarily in the candlelight dinners and legends, but in the squares, cinemas, parks and moments of our daily lives.Today, we use a group of posters to meet the romance of Wanda style.Danzhai in the early morning, Square in the afternoon, Red Street in the evening, Cinema in the late evening.Every minute and every second in Wanda, there are different plots, but the same romantic story.What do you see in these pictures?What do you feel in these sentences?Maybe bring your own story, too.Come to Wanda, and romantic heart and move.