On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, yuyuan Garden has a new high passenger flow

2022-05-18 0 By

On the fourth day of the lunar New Year, the tourist flow of Yu Garden hit a record high.Huangpu Police use police large passenger flow monitoring system, with lookout posts, high and low linkage, to do a good job of passenger flow monitoring in areas where crowds are easy to gather.30 points, 17 PM yuyuan garden instantaneous flow of 34000 people, huangpu one-way public security according to the plan on zigzag bridge south to the north, the measure such as the entrance wave time release, police strengthen channel is arranged in the zigzag bridge deck, prevent tourists stranded, and form a pattern of one-way circulation, passenger flow in the mall to yuyuan garden close and not random, passenger flow smoothly and orderly.It is reported that by 19:00 on the same day, the total number of tourists in Yu Garden reached 280,000, a record high.Authors: Shanghai Radio correspondent Yang Xiaojun, reporter Ma Zunyi Editor: Li Shue Chief editor: Yang Yechao