Chen Turin beautiful taste!Wearing a white dress on a sailboat for photo shoot, temperament more mature than the original

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When it comes to Chen Turin, people may think of her pure appearance, talking eyes, oval face. Her li Er in the Left Ear is kind and generous, and her pure image is deeply popular.However, now she took off her childish, slender figure put on the dress after the clean, more and more of a woman’s style, full of charm.Here, let’s take a look at her dress.White dress Chic and beautiful Chen Turin looks from the Golden Rooster Awards ceremony, very attractive.She wore a silk strapless dress with a white body that was both mature and classy.Silk fabrics let skirt more supple have simple sense, smooth and exquisite, wear protruding figure, noble and elegant.The dress was designed to be strapless, showing off Chen Turin’s beautiful shoulder line and delicate collarbone, and also visually elongating the neck line.Swan neck, right shoulder, collarbone can reflect their femininity.In the waist tight waist, cover the waist fat, thin can also elongate the lower body proportion.The skirt is narrow at the top and loose at the bottom, with a slight drag on the floor, which makes it more gentle and fashionable.The dress was embellished with dramatic pendants and added color with purple and green gemstones, paired with a bright white silk dress.In addition to her pretty dress, Chen teamed it with a floral lace gown.The long skirt matches the long gown to appear not drab, still can have a kind of socialite feeling.The long gown also reaches the end of the skirt, forming a sense of unity with the skirt.Lace floral design is slightly hollow out, wearing the naked part will have a kind of hidden and visible feeling, pendant skirt and hollow lace swaying between movements, gentle and sexy.See Chen Turin’s makeup look again, languid lazy French is gentle roll, breeze blows, float in the sky hair silk shows natural and unrestrained.With her slender eyebrows, pale pink cheeks and soft bean paste lipstick, The smiling Chen is mature and intellectual.Flower bright drill earring and big flower ring, collocation goes up high leng yan.Overall look at Chen Turin’s collocation, faded tender, gentle silk skirt fluttering hair, chic and beautiful.Chen Turin looks confident and mature in a bright pink dress.Skirt strap design wide sling, one shoulder strap on the shoulder, the other shoulder slip design, showing The shoulder of Chen Turin, collarbone.Because Chen Turin himself is thin, no fat, this design is better to show its own advantages.Ladies and sisters in life if the choice of skirt, bubble sleeve or conventional sleeve can cover the shoulder of the flesh, the slip dress can show their own skinny beauty, this point we suggest you can choose according to their own figure.The dress was tight at the top and loose at the bottom, showing off Chen’s remarkable curves.The skirt is loose and supple all the way to the feet, which makes the lower body longer and more convenient for activities. It also sets off a more clean and refined temperament.The skirt fabric design is unique, silk and gauze skirt stitching, silk fabric soft, in the spotlight has a certain sense of luster, stitching of the same color gauze skirt, more sense of design, but also show a sweet side.Chen paired her cropped hair with a neat shawl, which made her face smaller.Over-the-top chain earrings and thin diamond necklaces neutralized Chen’s accessories without making them too heavy. The whole outfit was sophisticated and mature.Beautiful woman Chen Turin has fair skin, and the choice of matching dark green dress shows white and temperament.The dress was designed with a low neckline and thin straps, which matched Chen’s slim figure.The back of the large naked back design, showing the mature female body beauty and sexy.The bodice is slightly pleated and has a waist-in design, which continues to narrow after the hips are relaxed, showing the curves of Ms. Chen’s figure.The skirt is short in front and long in back, and the length of the tail is shorter, which will be more charming and lasting appeal.Add a pair of simple bright diamond high heels, Chen Turin is really full of energy, beautiful.Beautiful wavy curls, blush and eye makeup in one warm orange.Earrings are golden bright diamond, golden necklace double chain design bright diamond, appear full of vitality.Chen Turin’s this wear build cold white skin to add dark green long skirt, bright diamond jewelry to add gentle makeup, atmospheric high-heeled shoes, careful collocation, the whole shows the aura and feeling of a cold attractive beauty.If you want to take the babyishness out of your wardrobe, you can learn more from Chen Turin.I hope Chen Turin will bring us more and more surprises in his works and clothes.