Zhao Xintong overturned the “friendship boat”, 9-0 0 yan Bingtao, a record of winning the championship in history!

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The German Masters snooker tournament ended in Berlin on January 30, 2022.Zhao broke 100 in the first round of the final with 60+ 5 shots to kill the suspense with a brutal 8-0 victory and beat Yan 9-0 to clinch the title.Cho has become the fastest ranked player to win a ranking title in 56 days after winning her first ranking title.Final: Zhao Xintong 9-0 Yan Bingtao Stage 1(8-0) : 91(74)-36, 71-38, 130(118)-1, 90(82)-4, 89(89)-33, 98(68)-34, 70(70)-60(60), 75-26 Stage 2 (9-0) :63-31 The China Derby, the third ranking final in history, was between Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao.The first period was a shock as Yan failed to get into shape at the top of his game and Zhao went from strength to strength, winning eight straight games and taking match point 8-0.Cho failed to score 50 points only in the second and eighth rounds and scored 74, 118, 82, 89, 68 and 70 in the other winning rounds.In the second period, the suspense of the game has almost disappeared.Zhao xintong “showed no mercy” in the ninth game of the last red ball after the first run to complete a 9-0 victory over Yan Bingtao, the German Masters title.Yan bingtao was slightly embarrassed to become the third player in history to suffer a zero win in a multi – ranking final (1989 Grand Prix, S.Davis 10-0 D. Reynolds;European Masters 2020, N. Robertson 9-0 Zhou Yuelong).Zhao xintong won her second ranking title after reaching her second career ranking final.She joined McGill, Breitcher and White to become the double champion of the post-1990 generation, but compared with the other three players, zhao’s two titles (British Championship and German Masters) are obviously more valuable.From the British Championship to the German Masters, Zhao xintong won the two titles only 56 days apart, becoming the shortest time to win the first ranking title in history.Zhao xintong’s world ranking rose from 9th to 8th, setting a new personal high.The single-season ranking continues to stay at no. 1, and is highly likely to make its debut in the tour championship.4. Bonus & AMP;A total of 104 breaks were made, including 74 in the qualifying round and 30 in the final round.Allen broke 100 with five strokes, the most by any player during the tournament.Tachia’s 147 during the qualifying round will earn him £5,000 for the highest score on a single stroke.2022, Zhao Xintong 9-0 yan Bingtao 2021, J.Trump 9-2 J. Lisowski 2020, J. Trump 9-6 N.Robertson 2019, K. Wilson vs. D. Gilbert 2018, M.Williams vs. G. Dott 2017, A. Hamilton vs. A.Carter 2016, M. Gould 9-5 L. Breitcher 2015, M.Selby 9-5 S. Murphy in 2014, Ding Junhui 9-5 J. Trump in 2013, A.Carter 9-6 Marco Fu 2012, R. O ‘Sullivan 9-7 S. Maguire 2011, M.Williams 9-7 M. Selby non-ranked tournament ↓↓↓1998, J.In 1997, J. Higgins 9-4 J.Parrott 1996, R. O ‘Sullivan 9-7 A. Robidou 1995, J.Higgins 9-3 K. Dahdi