Ulcerative colitis recurrent attacks, this article tells you how to treat!

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Ulcerative colitis (UC) is a chronic recurrent disease with mucous blood stool, abdominal pain and diarrhea as the main clinical manifestations. It is mainly characterized by superficial mucosal ulceration of rectum and colon, often accompanied by varying degrees of damage to joints, skin, eyes, hepatobiliary and other parts. With the development of the disease,It can even become cancerous.TCM treatment is not only effective in reducing recurrence, but also unique in preventing cancer.Here I would like to introduce a case: Liu, male, 45 years old, who was first diagnosed in September 2020.Abdominal pain, tenesmus, dysentery, red and white weeks, Chinese and Western medicine treatment is not cured, I consulted yu.The pulse was slippery, the moss was thick, greasy and yellowish, and it was damp and hot dysentery. Instead of normal Peony soup, two doses of Xiaochengqi soup were used. There were few symptoms left.In September of the following year, he had a sudden relapse, July 7-8
On the second visit, the pulse was still smooth and strong.Ask the history, the patient has been suffering from dysentery for 5 years at the beginning of autumn every year, and delay difficult to heal.Therefore, two doses of Dachengqi soup, dysentic pain reduction, and two doses of diarrhea, a lot of intestinal scale, with liujunzi soup conditioning for 3 months, followed by 2 years without recurrence.This case: “Gold medicine strategy · Vomiting do xiali disease pulse syndrome treatment” article 39 “Xiali,
Pulse back slip, when there is no, the lower is better, should be big chengqi soup.”
.And middle-aged, diarrhea more than weeks, and to switch to a small gas soup, flow field is the check and the evil, not six gentleman’s work, and early application to the following recurrence, the fine and the gold is slightly, vomiting duo under the medical disease pulse card for “article article 40″ under the already poor, until the date when the recurrence, with the disease are not so, right now, the appropriate bearing gas soup”
, bold use of the “general cause of the general” method, the application of large chengqi soup several agents, to remove pathogenic dysentery
Factors, after the diarrhea of intestinal scale, and then put liujunzi decoction conditioning, follow-up no recurrence.We often say that cure the disease and treat the root cause, just like our medical case, although it has been cured at the first time, it did not remove the root cause of the disease, resulting in a relapse later.So there is: the next benefit has been poor, to the year when the recurrence, to the disease is not so, the present, should be big chengqi soup.It means that although the disease has been well, but often relapse, because the root of the disease has not been eliminated, should use laxative to let the patient diarrhea, the disease in the intestinal tract is good.What is the cause of the disease?We can see that the patient shed a lot of intestine after using dachengqi soup, and then the patient never relapsed.Ancient number: in three days.Common cause common.Do not take astringent medicine and suddenly stop.They will become sick.But after a long period of positive qi empty and not stop.Then, the ancient people emphasized the general cause of treatment: it means that although the patient has diarrhea, but also use laxatives to make the patient more diarrhea, to eliminate the pathogenic factors in the body, has reached the goal of eliminating the root of the disease and thoroughly treating the disease.And can not use antidiarrheal drugs blind antidiarrheal, because in antidiarrheal at the same time, the root of the disease also stay in the body, resulting in repeated attacks of the disease.More content see: the ancient Chinese medicine understanding and radical cure method of ulcerative colitis, ulcerative colitis repeated attack, the cause of long-term incurable, and its correct treatment of concern about Dr. Han not lost, daily update about intestinal health content, welcome everyone to like, pay attention to, forward, share!For more exciting content, follow Dr. Han on spleen and stomach