Thumb up!Siyang Zhou Xiuxia was honored as “Suqian Good Person” in the first quarter of 2022

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After the recommendation of the masses, grassroots selection, comprehensive evaluation and online publicity, the “Good Person in Suqian” was officially released in the first quarter of 2022, and Zhou Xiuxia, a villager from Weihe Village, Chuancheng Town, was elected as the winner.For more than 30 years, Zhou Xiuxia has taken care of her husband’s second brother, who suffers from mental illness, washing clothes and cooking.Today we will take you into the story of Zhou Xiuxia.At eight o ‘clock in the morning of March 30th, Zhou Xiuxia gathered some green Onions and small spinach in the garden in front of her house and prepared a delicious spinach egg noodle for her second brother.In a few moments, a bowl of hot noodles was ready and she quickly brought it to her and told her to eat it while it was hot.Scene: How good is it?Yummy.I’ll cook some rice for you tomorrow.Oh!Zhou xiuxia was married to the Sun family in Weihe village in 1990. Shortly after her marriage, her husband’s second brother suffered from mental illness.In the following thirty years, the second brother always like a child, often put into the mouth of the food, just lie down and clamor to get up, Zhou Xiuxia is always patient to coax, never lose temper.In order to take care of him, Zhou Xiuxia rarely went far, even to her mother’s home is to stay at most half a day in a hurry back.Zhou Xiuxia said, although the second brother did not get better, but he knew who was really good to him, occasionally some moves to let her heart a warm.Zhou Xiuxia: I (plane ground) plane tired, he said to me plane, he also know to say a plane for me, you tired to me plane, he know to say.In Zhou Xiuxia there are a lot of shining precious quality, take good care of the paralyzed mother-in-law, carefully raise a pair of children who died of illness sister-in-law.A drop of sweat, pay again and again, she feel this is their duty, she put a heart in this home, with their weak shoulder, carry the start of the big and small.Zhou Xiuxia: my nephew got married and gave birth to a child. My nephew’s daughter-in-law was in the month. I planted the small seedling package to others.Package to the person planted, I take care of her for a month, the size of blood clothes all to her wash, a family all to wash, a day to do six or seven times of food, also is me, I do this responsibility, as a little niang I should do, I do, do good is to cultivate their own generation.Zhou Xiuxia’s husband Sun Jun: Thank you very much thank you very much thank her, without her I could not today.The hardships of life did not crush Zhou Xiuxia, she supported the fragmented family with weak shoulders.For this reason, Zhou Xiuxia was awarded the ninth “Siyang Good Person” in 2021 and the “Suqian Good Person” in the first quarter of 2022.Ni Pei, secretary of the Party Branch of Weihe Village, Chuancheng Town, Siyang County, said, “We will take Zhou Xiuxia as a typical example of filial piety for the elderly and loving her relatives. We will publicize her deeds in the village, so that all the villagers can learn this spirit and inspire their feelings of filial piety for the elderly and loving their relatives. Only in this way can every family cultivate good family traditions, and our local customs will be more civilized and more human.”(Reporter from Siyang Rong Media Center/Editor Xu Xu/Zhuang Mi)