“Refused to see the Chinese ambassador” suddenly rang out!Australia’s prime minister put his words straight, and China issued a rare warning

2022-05-17 0 By

Relations between China and Australia have changed dramatically in recent years, with the level of cooperation declining steadily since Australian Prime Minister Morrison took office.Australian Prime Minister Morrison is a very typical Australian elite politician. In his eyes, the policy of the United States is the beacon.Therefore, as US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump have adopted the strategy of suppressing China, the Australian government has gradually taken the road of antagonizing China.Under the influence of Morrison, the relationship between the two sides gradually became rigid, and even in order to cooperate with the Indo-Pacific strategy of the United States, Australia and the United States and Britain reached a nuclear submarine agreement to acquire nuclear submarine technology.Although Australia has said it attaches great importance to the rapprochement between the two sides, Morrison gave a completely different answer this time.Morrison said it was “inappropriate” for him to meet China’s new ambassador to Australia before Beijing lifted a freeze on ministerial exchanges with Australia, huanqiu news reported.There was a lot of media hype immediately: “Australian Prime Minister refused to meet the Chinese ambassador!”Morrison put it bluntly and set preset conditions, basically trying to gain political capital by getting tough with China for the upcoming Australian presidential election.But for The Chinese side, Australia’s mindless provocation was not rational, so they issued a direct warning.Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian pointed out that the nuclear submarine cooperation between the US, the UK and Australia poses serious and proliferation risks, impacts the international nuclear non-proliferation regime, intensifies the arms race and undermines regional peace and stability. China is seriously concerned and firmly opposed to this.Under China’s proposal, after the council last November, the international atomic energy agency (iaea) march council again set a separate formal issues in agreed way, discuss the anglo-australian nuclear cooperation related issues, which fully embodies the, including board members, the serious concern of the international community for the three nuclear submarine cooperation, the three countries should not turn a blind eye.