“Good habits” can wear down your body, so don’t make them worse

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As we all know, daily life, diet and other habits are closely related to health, but many people think of themselves as “good habits”, but may go in the opposite direction, over time, health preservation is not harmful to the body!Here are seven “good habits” that have fallen on you:1 More sweat, Better Weight Loss?Not necessarily now to lose weight has become a fashion, whether it is really fat, or only the pursuit of light weight, or is losing weight, or on the way to lose weight!Many people think that losing weight through exercise must be sweating more the better, and even buy some “violent sweat clothes”, but is this really the case?Sweating is just a way of evaporating water and cooling the body. The amount of sweating is affected by the temperature and humidity of the environment, exercise intensity, personal constitution and other factors, and 99% of the ingredients in sweat are water, and the remaining 1% of the ingredients are sodium, potassium, calcium, chlorine and other elements, without the so-called fat.2 a lot of sweating in a short period of time, may drop the scale, but don’t be blind. Maybe some people will ask: exercise out of a lot of sweat, weight is really lighter so a drop, how to explain this?The answer is: moisture accounts for about 60% ~ 70% of the person’s weight, a lot of sweating in a short time, lost a lot of moisture, it is possible to temporarily drop the scale, but drink some water, add some food, weight will come back.Additional, persprer too much, can make the electrolyte inside body appears disorder, appear even collapse, arrhythmia wait for a symptom.In general, exercise can help you lose weight, but not in terms of how much you sweat. Don’t blindly sweat yourself to avoid losing too much water.Take a walk after dinner and live to be ninety-nine?It is recommended that you rest before walking after meals.After a full meal, because there is a lot of food in the stomach, walking immediately will cause gastric vibration, may be involved in the stomach of the mesentery causing pain;In addition, food digestion and absorption after a meal need a lot of blood, if you walk immediately, the blood supply in the stomach is reduced, easy to cause indigestion.So you should rest for 20-30 minutes after a meal before starting your walk.A cup of tea after dinner can reduce fat and grease.A lot of people like to drink tea immediately after a meal, think can promote digestion, solution greasy, especially some old friends, always feel strong tea is more effective.But this is not a good habit.1 easy to indigestion Tea contains a lot of tea polyphenols, will dilute gastric juice secreted by gastric mucosa, affect digestion, such a long time, will make people indigestion, indigestion phenomenon.Some teas contain high levels of tannic acid, which can coagulate with proteins in the body and increase the risk of developing stones.It is recommended to drink tea two hours after eating, and avoid drinking strong tea.Can eating less and more meals nourish your stomach?In recent years, the idea of eating less and more often has become popular. Many people believe that if they eat fewer meals and more times each day, they can nourish their stomach and help control their weight.But such an approach may not work for everyone.1 prolong the stomach working time to eat the number of increased, equivalent to prolong the stomach working time, especially for friends who often eat late night snack, the stomach can not get enough rest, food and easy to hoard in the body, it is easy to “hurt”.2 increased gastric stimulation for gastritis, gastric ulcer patients, eat less and eat more repeatedly stimulate the gastric mucosa, increase the amount of gastric acid secretion, not only is not conducive to the recovery of the disease, but also may aggravate the condition.Action: Small, frequent meals are not for everyone.For poor digestion of the elderly, diabetes patients, patients after gastrointestinal surgery, can appropriately eat less and more meals;And ordinary people want to nourish their stomach, more importantly, it is a good habit of three meals a day, regular and quantitative.5 Long-term vegetarian, can away from the three high?Now many diseases, such as three high, fatty liver, arteriosclerosis and other major reasons are “eating” out, so some old people think that the best way to prevent disease is not eating meat, eat more vegetarian.But in the long run, malnutrition can easily occur.Elderly people, on the one hand, due to the reduction of human consumption, energy demand decreased significantly, the amount of food is relatively less;But on the other hand, due to the gradual aging and degradation of body functions, the demand for protein, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients increases instead.Meat is rich in protein, as well as nutrients such as iron, zinc and vitamin B12.Not eating meat for a long time, protein supply is insufficient, immunoglobulin production is reduced, more likely to lead to the decline of immunity, causing various diseases;Iron deficiency can cause anemia;Vitamin B12 deficiency, which can weaken red blood cells and damage nerve cells, can lead to dementia…Suggestion: Every day, you should properly eat fish, chicken, eggs and other high-quality protein and appropriate amount of fat, the proportion of meat and vegetable should be kept at 3:7.Are vegetable oils healthier than animal oils?Lard is a controversial food because of its high fat content, which is bad for the cardiovascular system.But lard isn’t as unhealthy as you might think.Lard does contain about half of saturated fat, but it’s also rich in monounsaturated fat, which is a healthy fat that has cardiovascular, skin, and endocrine benefits.In addition to fat, lard also contains rich vitamins, such as vitamin E, vitamin B4, vitamin D, vitamin A and so on.Compared with vegetable oil, lard is stable, resistant to high temperature, and has a high smoke point. It is less likely to produce trans fats during cooking.Vegetable oil and animal oil are both oils that we should eat, and there is no substitute for one another.According to the opinions of Chinese nutritionists and the actual situation in China, it is more appropriate to eat lard and vegetable oil in a ratio of 1:2.7 Underwear everyday disinfection cleaner?Take care of hurt illicit close place some people to make underwear is thoroughly clean, can use disinfectant to clean underwear, but there is a risk to do so.The expert points out, soak underwear with elimination venom, not only cannot completely kill the harmful bacterium that remains above effectively, still may because cleanness is not in place at the same time, cause chemical material to remain, cause vaginitis, pelvic inflammation to wait for all sorts of problems even.Some powerful disinfectants, with a strong irritation, is likely to harm health in the process of use.Use special cleaning soap to clean the dirt of underwear, and then rinse it with flowing water, and finally put it under the sun to dry.I am a great doctor. I am a great doctor. I am a great doctor