The exploration with particle catcher not only has strong power, but also has a large space

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Will Tanak become a hit in the highly competitive car market, especially in the SUV segment, which is popular among young people?Today we want to say what are the advantages of SUV model yue, I hope to provide you with some car reference.To explore YueYiMing amazing about agent yue sales analysis: under the guidance of brand in the domestic auto market performance since hitting a yue appeared bright eye, yue finally landed price compare ground gas, so consumers won the thumb up, let agent YueYiMing, many owners think master agent yue will be like a cloud in the invincible position in the market.Probe yue model design is very fine, probe Yue’s overall design style avant-garde and fashion, front face design with strong characteristics of the public, the front bonnet of the eight edges and corners to form a convergence situation, bring power elements and science and technology elements perfect combination of design, quite in line with the small series of aesthetic style.On the side of the body, there are a lot of smooth lines, sharp and smart lines, which connect the full wheel bags and strong shoulder. The visual effect is very excellent, and there is also a pair of colorful LED lights, which makes it look younger and sporty.Large size comments: The exploration of the space of the ride “thief” is large, the overall performance of the space is particularly excellent.In the dimension part, the vehicle length is 4589mm, the vehicle width is 1860mm, the vehicle height is 1660mm and the wheelbase is 2731mm.Tall drivers can cross their legs at will in the back seat, which will not feel crowded even when the seat is full to meet the needs of daily household space.It is such a great size that many girls and girls would not be crowded.At the same time its trunk space is also very large can hold a lot of travel items, practical is quite good, is undoubtedly a lot of consumers like the type.Power output Strong Power output, Tanue is equipped with the EA888’s 2.0T turbocharged engine, the driveline is matched by a 7-speed wet dual clutch transmission with peak power of 162kW and peak torque of 350N·m.Four-wheel drive models are equipped with 4MOTION intelligent four-wheel drive system, a variety of driving mode choices, bring better driving experience.In addition, the engine cylinder is made of aluminum alloy, which provides excellent high temperature resistance.In order to make driving more environmentally friendly exploration yue also specially hold particle capture device.Is it corporate opportunistic: It’s not. Particle traps are used to get vehicle emissions up to a certain level.Enterprises adopt SCR and EGR methods for design. SCR reduces emissions by adding urea for catalytic reduction, while EGR reduces emissions by adding particle catalytic converter at the emission end for physical interception.At the beginning, particle catcher is the emission reduction measures that diesel models must undergo. With the popularization of the national sixth standard, particle catcher is also applied in an all-round way.Especially in gasoline car exhaust end formed TWC ternary catalysis +GPF particle capture technology when the particle capture becomes particularly important.?Word of mouth: I believe that many car owners think tanue is the most desirable model among 20W class models.Probe yue ultra high appearance level, luxurious sense of interior decoration, especially generous space and other advantages, is to capture the heart of young people’s sharp weapon.How do you like such a thorough exploration?