County CPPCC ten sessions of a grand opening

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Stand together through thick and thin to write history, do not forget the original aspiration spectrum new chapter.This morning, 221 county CPPCC members walked confidently into the Deqing Grand Theater to attend the first meeting of the 10th Deqing County Committee of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC).During the meeting of 3 and a half days, the members will seriously review and discuss the reports through consultation, to build a “new city of high quality life of reform and innovation” for our county, to speed up the development of high quality catch up and make suggestions and suggestions, and to build a broad consensus.The opening meeting was presided over by Chen Yiping, Shen Jian and Wang Jing, executive chairmen of the Presidium.Executive chairmen fang Jie, Wang Xiuqin, Cao Genrong, Yao Xin and other members of the presidium took their seats at the rostrum.County nine CPPCC chairman Zhang Linhua, vice chairman Ji Jinxing, county CPPCC Party Group deputy secretary Shi Zhenhai seated at the rostrum.Attending the meeting and seated at the podium were Ao Yuxin, Wang Bo, Yang Minglian, Chen Jian, Wang Jianfeng and other county party committee, county people’s Congress, county government leaders, county people’s Court, county people’s Procuratorate, high-tech zone, county people’s Armed Forces department leaders;And deputy county level or enjoy deputy county level treatment of the in-service cadres.Seated in the rostrum there are also in the county-level group held leadership positions or determined as deputy county-level treatment of the old leadership representatives.The city change of ethos supervision group related person in charge to guide.At 10:25 a.m., Chen Yiping announced the opening of the 10th session of the county CPPCC.All rise for the national anthem.Zhang Linhua county on behalf of the ninth CPPCC Standing Committee to the conference work report.He said that in the past five years since 2017, the county has grabbed major opportunities and stood major tests in the development process, achieved major achievements and achieved major leaps, and at the same time, the CPPCC has inherited and innovated, served the overall situation, forged ahead, performed significantly and walked in the forefront of the five years.Over the past five years, the county CPPCC, under the strong leadership of the county party Committee and the effective guidance of the higher level CPPCC, has earnestly implemented general Secretary Xi Jinping’s important thoughts on strengthening and improving the work of the CPPCC, insisted on promoting democracy and enhancing unity and mutual understanding, and made two-way efforts to advise and advise the government and build consensus. It is unwilling to mediocrity and has the courage to take responsibility.Continued to build “spread across three” deqing brand characteristics of the Chinese people’s political consultative conference work, efforts to write high quality committee “takes office operations” in deqing, written into the masses in the heart on the earth, and strive to promote the development of the county committee of the Chinese contribution and deliberative democracy quality promotes two, strive to create rich “era characteristics, the characteristics of Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC), deqing characteristic” a new era of Chinese people’s political consultative conference deqing new work performance.Over the past five years, we have raised our political standing and consolidated our common ideological and political foundation.Focusing on the overall situation, we boosted reform and development work more effectively.With people’s wellbeing in mind, we performed our duties more effectively.We adhere to the inheritance and innovation, deqing CPPCC brand more resounding;We are committed to the cohesion of the community, solidarity and friendship more extensive;We focus on strengthening the basic education, harmonious work atmosphere is more strong, for our county’s all-round economic and social rapid and healthy development contributed to the WISDOM and strength of the CPPCC.Zhang linhua said that reviewing the five-year work of the Ninth CPPCC, there are many experiences worth summarizing and remembering, which can be shared and used for reference. First, we must firmly adhere to the leadership of the CPC, which is the political principle for the CPPCC to do its work well.Second, we must closely follow the overall interests of the central government. This is the basic guideline for doing the work of the CPPCC well.Third, we must always adhere to integrity and innovation, which is an important driving force for the work of the CPPCC.Fourth, we must vigorously promote unity and democracy, which is the fundamental guarantee for the work of the CPPCC.Fifth, we must give full play to the principal role of CPPCC members, which is the unique advantage of doing the CPPCC’s work well.Said zhang linhua, standing at a new historical starting point, hope the new to xi jinping, the new times the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics as guidance, in-depth implementation of xi jinping, general secretary of Chinese people’s political consultative conference’s important speech spirit, work under the strong leadership of the communist party of China (the county deqing, according to the county of the fifteenth party congress strategy, give full play to the important channels of deliberative democracy and specialized consultation institutions,Conscientiously perform the functions of political consultation, democratic supervision, participation in the deliberation and administration of state affairs, and make new contributions for our county to build “reform and innovation highland quality life new city”.Therefore, it is suggested that the new county CPPCC should hold the position and mission of the CPPCC in the new era, and further strengthen the ideological and political theory armed;Holding the overall situation of deqing development in the new era, further giving play to the role of specialized consultation institutions;Keeping to the core essence of deliberative democracy in the new era, we will further promote innovative development of the CPPCC’s work.In view of the actual requirements of the consultative capacity in the new era, we will further strengthen the organizational self-improvement of the CPPCC.Zhang linhua said at last, let us unite more closely around the party central committee with comrade xi as the core, with xi jinping the mind the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics new era, under the strong leadership of the communist party of China (the county deqing, sm forum, broad consensus, for our county “to realize high quality sample to common prosperity development construction demonstration area,To build a high-quality international modern landscape garden city, strive to be the vanguard of socialist modernization, “strive to contribute to the wisdom and strength of the CPPCC.At the meeting, yao Xin, vice chairman of the ninth county CPPCC Standing Committee on behalf of the ninth county CPPCC proposal work report.Main responsible persons of working departments of the county government and deqing Branch of the Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment who have not arranged members of the tenth CPPCC of the county;The person in charge of the county CPPCC office and special committee who did not arrange the tenth session of the county CPPCC members to attend the conference as non-voting delegates.