43-year-old Yin Xiaotian posts about her recent condition, turning into a “giant baby”?Old mother does not forget to pick seeds when she feeds

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In front of their mothers, many people are little children.No matter how old you get, as long as you have a mother, you will find that there are many times when your mother loves you as if she were her own child.In a short video on the platform, star xiaotian Yin also often send some about his life at home, and his mother’s interaction, let many people feel a kind of warmth, the latest issue of the video, xiaotian Yin is 43 years old, he became a “baby”, by his mother to feed him a melon seeds, and his mother, after feeding fruit for him,This is a kind of meticulous care.Dressed in a gray cartoon T-shirt, black pants and white sneakers, Yin Xiaotian, 43, looks like a sunny, handsome boy.The mother beside although already white-haired, but hale and hearty, looked at Yin Xiaotian, her eyes were full of joy, this mother and son, let many people see their life.Yin Xiaotian, 43, still looks like a man in his forties, but he is still a big baby, like a spoiled child trying to please his mother.Yin xiaotian’s mother dotes on her son, too. With a plate of fruit on her lap, she not only feeds him a bite, but also picks up the pit from his mouth.Yin Xiaotian, 43, has become a big boy who can’t even eat by himself under his mother’s care. His thoughtfulness has made many people cry out “happiness”.Others commented that Yin xiaotian’s mother was very kind and smiled happily when she fed her son fruit. The relationship between the mother and son made netizens think that having a mother is a treasure.Yin Xiaotian, 43, has become a “giant baby” in front of his mother. He has to rely on her help to eat a melon seed and a walnut.Yin xiaotian, 43, has been by her mother’s side ever since she suffered a failure, Posting pictures of her close contact with her mother from time to time. The funny comparison between the mother and son has also attracted a lot of attention.