The most beautiful ancient poetry | so many “life” poetry: bustling place all clouds smoke light life quietly

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Qian Zhongshu said: Life is nothing but staying at home, going out and coming back.All our emotional, intellectual, and volitional pursuits or attempts are but homesickness in the soul.Looking for a person, a thing, a place, allowing our mind and body to settle down in this boundless world.For life, everyone has everyone’s understanding, 100 life poems, the vicissitudes of life, human changes in temperature, are in them.1 life is love, this hate is not the wind and the moon.2. Life is like a journey backward, and I am also a pedestrian.3. If life is only such as first, what is the autumn wind sad picture fan.4. Life is like what you know everywhere, should be like flying on the snow.– Su Shi and the child by mianchi Nostalgia 5 picked flowers into honey, for who hard for who sweet.– Luo Yin “Bee” 6. There are gains and losses and flowers have opened, want to life the most bitter parting.7. Know me, that my heart sorrow;What will he ask of me that knoweth not me?8. People like Autumn hong to have a letter, things like a dream without a trace.– Su Shi “the 20th of the first month with Pan Guo ersheng suburb spring suddenly remember last year was the same day to the Queen city for poetry is and rhyme” 9.Life also has a destiny, Ann can sigh and sit sad?10. Who has never died since ancient times?Keep an honest heart according to history.11. Life does not meet, such as participation in business.12. Life between heaven and earth, suddenly like a traveler.13. Life must be happy, do not make the golden bottle empty to the moon.14. The world of a big dream, life how many degrees of autumn cool?15. Life without roots, floating like a stranger on the dust.– Tao Yuanming, miscellaneous Poems 16. Spring is not green, temples first silk.A long separation does not make sorrow.– Jiang Kui “Partridge Day · Yuan Evening dream” 17. The world several times hurt the past, the mountain is still pillow cold current.– Liu Yuxi “Mt. Xisai Nostalgia for the past” 18.– Xin Qiji “Magnolia slow · Chuzhou send fan 倅” 19. The road is difficult, not in the water, not in the mountain, only in the human repeated.20 melancholy East bar a snow, life see a few qingming.21. Always years limited body, such as parting easy ecstasy, wine feast song table mo quit frequency.22. The stars are mistaken in the mirror.Spring is not conceited.– Xin Qiji “Jade Tower Spring · Before the wind to persuade spring light to live” 23. Born less than a hundred years, often huaiqi,000-year-old worry.24. I have never known an old man’s coming, and wealth and honour are like floating clouds.25. More than twenty years have seemed like a dream, though I am still shocked.– Chen Yiyi “Linjiang Fairy · Night climbing small pavilion recall luo in the old tour” 26. And floating life if a dream, for joy geometry?– Li Bai “Spring Banquet Peach Garden preface” 27. In the prime of life, what gaunt, hua hair changed zhu Yan.28. Not aware of the pond spring grass dream, step before the wu leaves have autumn sound.29. Life is a dream, but only one is granted to her.30. People have joys and sorrows, the moon waxes and wanes, this ancient difficult to complete.31. Life in the world is not meaningful, the Ming Dynasty send out lane boat.– Li Bai “Xuanzhou Xie 脁 floor farewell dinner school book Uncle Cloud” 32 rouge tears, phase stay drunk, when heavy.Since people grow hate.33. There are a few hundred years of life, read beautiful moments, Hugh put virtual too.To ask what happened to the mountain weng, sat to see fleeting light, was on the temples of double China.– Ye Mengde, “Water Tune head · Autumn Is Getting Late” 35.36. Last year to white hair new, in a hurry and immediately meet spring.– Yu Qian “The Beginning of Spring” 37. Flowers are similar year after year, but people are different year after year.38. What a short day, a hundred years of pain easily full.– Li Bai, “Short Song Line” 39. Who says there is nothing less in life?Water before the door can still west!Do not sing white hair yellow chicken.40. Passing under Pingshan Hall three times, snapping his fingers in the sound of half his life.41. Don’t you see, high hall mirror sad white hair, such as hair twilight snow.”– Li Bai,” Will Enter the Wine “42.The most is the world can not stay, Zhu Yan words mirror flowers words tree.44. Helpless flowers fall, deja vu Yan return.45. From then on, the boat is gone, and the river and the sea send her rest of her life.46. Long hate this body is not I have, when to forget camp.47. What plan long here, idle sleep over a lifetime.48. Trouble and diffuse, is willing to hold pole old.– Qiwuqian “Spring Flood Ruoye Creek” 49.50. What’s the matter with the world? It’s better to lie high and eat.– Wang Wei “Drinking Wine and Pei Di” 51. People have joys and sorrows, the moon waxes and wanes, this matter is difficult to complete.52. Life is like sending, what is hard to complain in oblique hui.53. When one grows old, the west wind becomes gray. When butterflies worry about tomorrow, they become yellow.54. Jiangnan several plum hair, people in the temples of the world has spot.55. The number of people meet, one hundred years of laughter, can get a few back.– He Menggui, “Touch the Fish · Remember when everyone where” 56. When I was young, I left home and returned to my hometown.57. I have been away from my hometown for many years, but I have been wasting my time recently.58. Three thousand zhang Qing sorrow hair on the temples, fifty years of spring dream prosperous.More than twenty years have been like a dream, though I am shocked.– Chen Yiyi “Linjiang Fairy · Night on the small pavilion recall luo in the old tour” 60.61. Human dream across the west wind, calculate the sky, time blink.– Wu Wenying “Qiuhua · Tanabata” 62. Return to the cloud to no trace, where is the early?”– Liu Yong” Young Travel, Chang ‘an Ancient Road horse Tardy “63. Sigh years are over, fame has not been established, the scholar is old, the opportunity comes.64. Meet the world, one hundred years of laughter, can get a few back again.– He Menggui “Touch fish · Remember when everyone where” 65. When the bow, fame should be fast chong.66. Life has endless generations, jiangyue year after year only similar.– Zhang Ruoxu, “Spring Flowers and moonlight Night”Come back pale.– Xin Qiji “Qingping Music · Stay alone in Boshan Wang’s Temple” 68. This life, heart in Tianshan, old Cangzhou.– Lu You “Tell the Truth · When thousands of miles seek fenghou” 69.Love daughter light smile.70. To make the body then died, life true or false answer who knows.71. Half-life has been lonely sleep, mountain pillow sandalink belt.A lifetime a pair of people, fight to teach two ecstasy.– Nalan Xingde “Painting Hall Spring · A pair of People in one lifetime” 73. Life should be prosperous, do not speak to people tired.Life can laugh several times, fight wine meet must be drunk.– Cen Can, “Liangzhou Pavilion and the Judges night Collection” 75.– Li Yu “Wu Night cry · Wind and Rain last night” 76.Don’t be ashamed to be abandoned.”– Wei Zhuang” Si Di Xiang Spring Day Excursion “77. It is the first time to leave in life.– Wang Guowei, “Butterflies and Flowers” 78. Life seems unreal, the end of angelica empty.79. White hair wearing flowers jun Mo smile, six yao urging the beat of the lamp frequently spread.Where in life is like before.80. Life has clutch, no choice of aging end.81. There is no home in life. Why there is there.– Du Fu, “No Home Apart” 82.Snow covered Chang ‘an Road.83. However, I have few acquaintances in my whole life. I have only a few people today.– Xin Qiji, “Congratulations to the bridegroom · I am too old” 84.Life don’t put the cup dry.– Huang Tingjian, “Partridge in the sky, meishan Hidden guest Shi Yingzhi and anaphora extemporaneous answer” 85.I also fall for a long time, ten years, deep grace negative, dead life teachers and friends.– “Witch of Gold” by Gu ZhenguanLife is too short to live.87. Life has no choice but to part.The night is long and the dream is short, the tears are few and the sorrow is many.When life is in one lifetime, it is half natural when it is gone.89. In life, don’t send your head like snow, even if the spring breeze never disappears.– Gao Chan, “Spring” 90. Fleeting, fateful, linger how I forget.91. Life is not long joy, young moment old.Life geometry spring has summer, do not put sweet mash as sweet as honey.93. Life is like mail, much worry about what is.– Cao PI, “The Good Way is I” 94.Sigh this life, who give up who close!95. How can sorrow and hate be avoided in life? How can I limit my love to ecstasy alone?96. Cloud deep shanwu, smoke Lengjiang Gao, life is not easy to meet.– Wu Wenying “Slow voice · Friends with Mei Lanrui perfume fairy offering guests said four fragrance rhyme get wind word” 97.Today full column open like snow, life to live up to see flower heart.98. Life is sentient tears, jiangshui Jianghua is the ultimate.”Ai Jiang Tou” by Du FuLife is like a relationship relationship, you zhi Nan I Yan Bei.Life is uncertain, ups and downs, but after the past, everything is easy.No time can be retrieved, whether it is sadness or joy.Once clinging to things now may have long been unworthy of mention, once loved people may have become strangers.These seemingly simple truth, must be experienced in order to deeply understand.And that’s why there are always regrets in life.