Zunyi Wujiang Village tunnel qianbei years

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If you’re thinking of a holiday holiday holiday season is looming, the Wujiangzhai International tourism resort (JI) in Baozhou district of Zunyi is the place to go.When I first arrived at Wujiang Village, the tranquil landscape and dense folk customs of northern Guizhou presented a unique picture of residential communities in Sichuan and Guizhou.This scene reminds me of the artistic conception described in Zhou Zhuang River by Wang Wei, a poet in the Tang Dynasty.During the Spring Festival, you can not only taste the local characteristics of mutton flour, gold baba, ice powder, Wujiang fish, and cooking pot soup, but also taste the innovative new food, such as Diniang douhua, Qianduoduo skewers, Jiaogou Skewers, Northern Guizhou Guandong cooking, and wu da.No matter where you go, you can taste authentic specialty food.During the day, enjoy delicious food, river cruise, enjoy night scenery and watch performances at night.Pass through the food street and come to Huilong Island, where you can enjoy nuo Opera excercised in Guizhou dialect, guizhou local lantern dance, intangible cultural heritage performance of knife climbing, ethnic bonfire party and so on.Alternating light, dazzling color, streamer overflow and local folk culture, presenting us a visual feast of the Spring Festival.Night comes, find a comfortable b&B, quiet enjoy the old town dream time.Whether you lean on the window to chat, or tea gossip beauty, can let you enjoy this busy life rare leisure.The Wujiangzhai resort will begin trial operation on Feb 1, 2022.The resort has been committed to creating a new brand of guizhou leisure vacation, a new model of tourism revitalization villages, a new model of China’s rural tourism, and a new model of rural social governance.With convenient transportation and beautiful scenery, you can enjoy a unique and pleasant slow time here.This Spring Festival, New Year’s Day in Guizhou, come to Wujiang village to feel the authentic Taste of Northern Guizhou!(Editing by Danny Wang)