Spring Festival walk grassroots only for thousands of safe Jining “old” fire festival adhere to

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Qilu network · Lightning news February 4, the Spring Festival, means reunion and celebration, and for the protection of the lights of the firemen, it means more responsibility, responsibility and dedication, they stick to the peace of the family, a family is not round the spirit of dedication, as a good people night watchman, building a solid fire prevention and control line.The happiest moment of the Spring Festival is the family reunion dinner.This Spring Festival, Gao Chenyong, a firefighter who has been working in the industry for 28 years, is separated from his family again. To him, staying at his post during the Spring Festival is not only a responsibility, but also a sense of pride to realize his dream.”I can’t remember how many Spring Festivals I have spent in my work unit since I joined the fire brigade. It has been many years since I went back for the Spring Festival.”Gao Chenyong said, 30 will be in the fire station, must be on standby, because there will be a police situation at any time, maybe you just out of the door, the fire station to the police situation.Gao Chenyong introduced, this Spring Festival and previous years, he and his teammates 24 hours on duty, ready to deal with the possible fire at any time, as long as the siren rang, they will be as fast as the wind assembled, rushed to the scene, for the public holiday fire safety escort.The liangshan Fire rescue station located in the bustling downtown area of Liangshan County is Gao Chenyong’s work unit, the rescue station is responsible for the area of fire rescue and social rescue tasks.After 28 years in the industry, gao poured all his passion into firefighting. From joining the army at the age of 19, to retiring from active duty, to joining the fire and rescue team again, Gao changed his career to become a full-time government firefighter.Not long ago, Jining detachment held the city’s fire rescue team as the backbone of the outstanding monitor station chief officer office announcement conference, Gao Chenyong and 37 other monitor backbone through the early public selection and assessment, from 52 outstanding firefighters, finally stand out and appointed to the grass-roots line, as a political instructor.At present stage, in order to let the new members adapt to fire work as soon as possible, Gao Chenyong will also teach his excellent ability without reservation to the new members.Recalling countless fire-fighting and rescue experiences, Gao chenyong was particularly impressed by the 2008 Jihe high-speed oil tanker fire and the 2006 cold storage fire.Gao and his brothers were just 100 meters away from a tanker fire on the Ji-Ho Expressway in 2008, when a tanker collided with a truck hauling cotton and suddenly its rear fuel tank exploded, gao recalled.”I thought the tank had exploded, and then I thought, ‘It’s broken!It’s over this time.””Get down!”Mr. Gao shouted, and it took a while to realize that the fuel tank had exploded.”It was a close call, but it scared us.”Recall this experience, Gao Chen yong still vividly.”And then there was the cold storage fire in ’06.”Gao Chenyong introduced, cold storage is a closed space, a fire smoke can not go out, heat can not go out.When they put out the fire and drew water from the wall, the wall was so hot that the water flowed into gao Chenyong’s skin. “I felt hot water pouring down from my back, and the water temperature was so high that I was shaking from side to side in a hurry. With the heavy smoke, I couldn’t see clearly what was going on around me.”Get out, you can’t hold it!”Gao Chenyong pulled the captain to run outside, then the exit distance from them more than 20 meters, gao Chenyong became the only living hope.”Ran out and choked and passed out.”Gao Chenyong recalled.However, this is only the tip of the iceberg in his career, “3.27” Heishui Gas station malignant traffic accident rescue, “7.16” Rizhao Shida Science and Technology explosion accident, “6.5” Linyi Jinyu Petrochemical explosion accident, “12.18” Jinghang Jiayu Fire fighting, “12.19” Guohong Chemical explosion accident……Again and again with the death of the approach, so that he obtained more and more rescue experience.In 2018, the reform of the fire and rescue team was transferred, which was also a turning point in Gao’s career.Gao Chenyong, 43, retired from active duty, and when he should have had more options, he rejoined the fire and rescue team under a different identity.”I feel a sense of achievement and honor when I put out fires and save people from danger,” Gao said. “I have been in the army for 24 years, and it has become an integrated place for me.Only when you are in the fire fighting business can your blood boil.””As long as the police, I can trust him with my back!”On the training ground, a group of firemen sweat, their youthful dark faces smiling sincerely, and speak of their old squad leader with certainty.In the rest of the fire fighting and rescue work, he assiduously studied the business, uphold the craftsman spirit, learn command, practice tactics, lead the members to lay the foundation, grasp the business, become the good teacher and helpful friend of fire fighters.As a firefighter, Gao chenyong was absolutely outstanding, but as a son, husband and father, he owed his family so much.”I must feel guilty about my parents.They raised me, but I didn’t go home for the Spring Festival for so many years, so I could only call occasionally to hear my voice. When I heard that the old man was sick, I wanted to go home, but I could only worry. Finally, I could only watch and ask through the video of my family.”Talking about not being able to go home for the Spring Festival, Gao Chenyong was filled with guilt for his family.Gao chenyong was often absent from his wife and children on holidays and weekends, except for the Spring Festival.”Before children don’t understand my work when I was a child, before transference in 2018, we are active, rarely go home at ordinary times, when the children see other children have parents to accompany in side, with the play, and he see me several times, yet this year he always complains that angry words, said, ‘dad you don’t have to do, can’t work all day in work,I told her that a fireman is on duty in a fire station. As I grew older, I understood what I do, that I serve the people. Now he is proud to talk about me.”Gao Chen yong said.During the Spring Festival, Gao Chen Yong gave up the small family for everyone, the missing of relatives quietly hidden in the heart, stick to the post silently dedication.He may be absent from the reunion, but he is never absent from his responsibilities. The understanding and support of his family are the motivation for him to stick to his post at ease.Lightning news reporter Jia Xin correspondent Gao Deyu CAI Guojian Jining report