Junlian: Junlian to make a good leader in tea garden

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Spring tea is as expensive as oil.In March and April every year, it is a good time to pick and enjoy tea in Mu Yin Village, and it is also the busiest and happiest time for tea farmers.When it comes to the history of muyin Village tea planting from scratch and the story of the villagers getting rid of poverty and getting rich by planting tea, we have to mention Fan Zhongcai, deputy secretary of the Party General Branch of Muyin Village and deputy representative of the ninth National People’s Congress of Muai Town.Bud: Before “thinking determines the way out”, Muyin, Xilin, Shunyang and Dongyun villages had inconvenient transportation and backward economy. Their economic source mainly depended on planting corn and other agricultural products, and their income was generally low.Fan Zhongcai, the party secretary of Xilin Village at the time, knew that to improve villagers’ income, the most urgent task was to find a suitable industry for the development of the village.”Raising cattle and pigs costs a lot and yields are unstable. It is a long-term solution to get rich stably or ensure sustainable development.Farming is a good way out, but the feasibility of what to grow and how to grow it has to be based on scientific evidence.”Fan Zhongcai thought hard.When he figured out that there was no way, he invited experts from the Provincial Academy of Agricultural Sciences to examine the soil acidity and alkalinity, climate, topography and other factors. After multiple comparisons and careful consideration, he came to the conclusion: “Tea tree has strong risk resistance and is easy to plant.If it didn’t sell then, it would last a long time, it could be bought and sold for a flexible time, the yield was higher than grain, and there was experience to draw on. It seemed to make sense.”Thus, the idea of leading the villagers to plant tea will sprout quietly in his heart.When Fan Zhongcai told the villagers the “get-rich code” with great expectation and called on them to plant tea together, he was opposed and questioned by many villagers.Day after day, he insisted on visiting households and holding meetings of DAMS to strive for funds and policies to encourage more villagers to plant tea, but with little success.Fan Zhongcai (first from left) with a tea farmer in a tea garden. “Most people are reluctant and don’t support it because they haven’t planted anything before and are afraid of risks.If we want to lead the masses to work together, we must first show them and be the first to ‘eat crab’.”Therefore, he decided to lead the village cadres to plant 10 acres of tea each, group leader to plant 5 acres each, party members to plant 3 acres each, with the cadres to test the water first to guide the masses to continue to follow up.More than 80 people were organized in batches to visit tea planting and learn planting experience in Tengda Chunfeng Village, Xunsi Yinxing Village and Gao County Huafeng Village.After seeing and experiencing the tea planting with their own eyes, more and more villagers saw the hope of tea planting, increased their trust in Fan Zhongcai, and joined the tea planting team one after another.He struck while the iron was hot and invited agricultural technology experts to the countryside to guide the planting of tea technology, to solve the “difficult planting of tea” problem.With more and more tea planting, tea planting scattered, not scale;Problems such as low picking efficiency, narrow sales, and lower income than expected began to appear, which hit the enthusiasm of villagers to plant tea.Fan Zhongcai saw it in his eyes, was anxious in his heart, and also remembered it in his heart.In order to solve the problem of “difficult to sell tea”, he made scientific planning and reasonable layout, and guided tea farmers to plant tea in succession, which greatly facilitated planting and picking;Actively seek superior support, under the appeal and help of county and town people’s congress to build a total of 33 kilometers of industrial road, so that where the industry develops, the road will be repaired where, so that tea merchants came to collect tea in an endless stream, to dispel the concerns of tea farmers;With li Yongfeng, who is now in charge of muyin Village, he borrowed money to build factories and buy machines, and built the first small tea factory in the village, which digested part of the tea locally, improved the added value of tea, and boosted the confidence of tea farmers.Since 2009, Fan Zhongcai has always led the masses of Muyin Village to plant and sell tea.At present, almost every family in Muyin grows tea. The existing organic tea garden is 11,000 mu, and 8,000 mu has been put into production. The varieties cover Fuding Dabai, Fuxuan no. 9, Xiaofuding, Wuniuzao and so on, realizing contiguous planting and contiguous development.Single income per capita of villagers tea reached 4500 yuan, Muyin Village also because of tea out of poverty, mu ‘ai town has become the focus of the development of the central village.Under the guidance and support of Junlian County People’s Congress, Organization Department of County Party Committee and Agriculture and Rural Bureau, Muyin Village has built a new collective tea factory of 3,000 square meters, which will be put into use next year, when the annual economic income of the village will reach 700,000 yuan.As a deputy of the people’s Congress of the town, Fan Zhongcai conducted in-depth research, collected the voices of public opinion, gave timely feedback and actively acted for the interests of the people.Let a piece of tea, become the villagers “green fund”;Let yimu mu tea garden become the “green bank” for villagers;Let the people’s “money bag” drum up, a happy smile on his face.(Zhan Pingsheng, Zhang Yuping, Zhang Bizhu)