Heshan vigorously promoted straw returning technology to improve soil fertility

2022-05-13 0 By

The annual plan begins in spring. The Spring Festival holiday is over and the fields in Heshan are busy.Yesterday, the reporter learned from heshan City bureau of Agriculture and Rural areas, in order to improve land fertility, in recent years, Heshan city practice “green mountains are gold and silver mountains” concept, vigorously promote straw returning technology, at present, Heshan straw comprehensive utilization rate of 91.58%.It is understood that the straw returning technology refers to the crop straw directly crushed, after “turning pressure returning to the field – water management – adding lime” a set of straw crushing returning to the field technology program, effectively solve the crop continuous cropping process straw decomposition slow, easy to produce pathogenic bacteria and other major problems.”When planting vegetables, cultivate the land first. Only when the land is well raised can vegetables grow well.Last year’s corn stalks are already in the ground, and when they’ve broken down enough, you can start planting other vegetables.”A person in charge of the agricultural science and technology demonstration base of Heshan Hubasketke Agricultural Co., Ltd. said that after the straw is returned to the field, microbes in the soil can decompose the straw and “return” the elements in the straw to the land, realizing “born in the field, return to the field”.He added that the land could be rotated: “Corn one year, tomatoes the next and taro the next.”It is reported that crop rotation can not only help balance the use of soil nutrients and control disease, insect and grass damage, but also effectively improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and regulate soil fertility.Next, Heshan will continue to actively explore new modes of straw treatment, fully promote the comprehensive utilization of straw, continue to expand the coverage of straw returning to the field, and achieve environmental protection, soil fertility improvement and green yield increase.Reporter/Chen Lei Correspondent/Liang Jinchan Responsible editor: He Yuanshan