The Ministry of Education agrees to set it up as Xiangtan Institute of Technology!Here comes another “new university”!WBH

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The Ministry of Education agreed to convert The Bejin College of Hunan Technology and Business University into Xiangtan Institute of Technology, another “new university” has arrived.After bejin College of Hunan Technology and Business University was transferred to Xiangtan Institute of Technology, the school’s symbol code is 4143012651. It is an independent undergraduate level private ordinary high school managed by Hunan Province.The school is located in an application-oriented senior high school, mainly training high-quality application-oriented, technical and skilled talents for regional economic and social development. The number of full-time students in the school is 15,000.At the same time, the beijin College of Hunan Technology and Business University was abolished.Hunan business college north tianjin institute, founded in 2001, is located in the ancient city – changsha, one thousand, approved by the people’s government of hunan province first, check by the Ministry of Education, is to create independent colleges of undergraduate course of hunan industry and commerce university, founded in the early college is located in the beautiful xiangjiang river, changsha when the western han dynasty emperor in the history of the ancient north JinCheng, long history, profound cultural foundation,In 2006, the college moved to dongma Campus, Wangcheng District, Changsha city. The campus covers an area of nearly 500 mu, with a building area of 140,000 square meters. Dongma Campus has a wide atmosphere, beautiful environment, advanced teaching equipment and convenient transportation.##&&image&# hunan business college north college of tianjin is given priority to with economics, management science, economics, management, law, literature, art, science and technology of province belong to 7 college professional comprehensive full-time undergraduate university, under the new management mode and operation mechanism, school of relying on high quality education resources run schools of hunan industry and commerce university,Now the economic and trade department, the finance department, business administration department, accounting department, department of mathematics and statistics department, law and public administration, foreign language department, tourism management department, Chinese department, art design department, computer and information department, set up sports actuarial-oriented, ideological and political theory class actuarial-oriented 13 education division (department),The college has 29 undergraduate majors, among which financial Management, Information Management and Information System are provincial characteristic majors. The college has enrolled students in 16 provinces (municipalities directly under the Central Government and autonomous regions), and currently has more than 6000 students.