Diao Bing Shan street: weekend non-stop, continuous remediation of the living environment!

2022-05-12 0 By

Diaobingshan street to promote the comprehensive improvement of the living environment of the three villages under its jurisdiction, the village double committee team and the village party members and cadres effectively improve their political positions, take the initiative to give up vacation.Since this year, the villages for four consecutive weekends struggle in the work line, the courage to take responsibility, take the initiative to promote the renovation work to achieve good results, in the villages has become a working norm.In February 27th Sunday, the reporter saw by the area of the three villages by party members, village cadres, villagers, volunteers composed of environmental remediation team is working together, concentrated cleaning up the garbage piled up in the village and old garbage, in order to comprehensively build a clean, neat, beautiful village.The village party members and cadres are not afraid of hardship, not afraid of fatigue to give up rest, together into the living environment remediation action work, with practical action to further promote rural revitalization, set off the whole street civilized city to create another climax.