Atomic privacy system super practical, Vivo OriginOS Ocean more design is very thoughtful

2022-05-12 0 By

With the continuous improvement of mobile phone users’ demands, many mobile phone brands have begun to develop their own customized operating systems, so as to better match the needs of target users and give better play to the functional advantages of their mobile phone products.Take Vivo as an example, the # OriginOS Ocean launched by it is a brand new operating system with better design sense and practicability. It has an amazing interface for users and functions more suitable for their mobile phones, which is very popular.I couldn’t help but get a taste of the new features, such as behavioral wallpaper and atomic privacy.Features are easier to enable and atomic components can be upgraded. When playing OriginOS Ocean, you can see the difference from the lock screen.As you can see from the image below, there are multiple shortcut entry buttons around the fingerprint unlock area, corresponding to the camera, payment card bag, travel notification, atomic Walkman and other functions.During the operation, users can drag the corresponding button to the fingerprint unlock area to enable this function.Unlock and open the app in a single operation, very convenient, and users can customize these shortcuts.I was impressed by OriginOS Ocean’s strong practicality and convenience, which was reflected in various functional components, such as atomic Walkman and atomic notification.Atomic Walkman, for example, can not only connect more music content, but also support quick retrieval in third-party application interface, small window display, easy to operate, and can be used with other applications.Attractive interface design feeling, is also much greater interactivity OriginOS Ocean the main interface and function of each interface has a strong design sense, its icon on the main interface and folders support custom Settings, the user can according to be fond of set size, color, also can let folder icon, consistent with the theme of wallpaper style, let the interface looks more personality.And the system also added new behavioral wallpaper, such as peak peak, city of Tomorrow, encounter of light, when set the target number of steps, the user in the physical world every step can be reflected in the wallpaper, the user will conduct a strange journey in the behavioral wallpaper.The interface of Atomic Walkman and atomic Reading in OriginOS Ocean also gave me a very novel visual feeling.The interface of Atomic Reading is like a carefully typesetted magazine. The arrangement of text content and pictures is more artistic and makes me want to read more. Moreover, I can drag the tool pen at the top of the page to mark the part I am interested in, making the experience more immersive.In the atomic Walkman playing interface, different color blocks partially overlap, when the music plays, color blocks will follow the rhythm, very interesting.OriginOS Ocean’s design sense can be seen in many ways to make the operation more comfortable for users.Meet the customers’ requirements to new function is more practical, in-depth OriginOS Ocean has a lot of new features, such as new health APP, not only has the steps movement, movement distance and energy consumption data, will also be able to integrate the weather, the uv index, noise level etc. Environmental information, provide users with more complete reference travel, sports, etc.Of course, the thing I like most about OriginOS Ocean is its atomic privacy system.The system can not only store documents, photos, videos and other private information, but also has enough security and concealment, atomic privacy system is not visible in the normal interface.The way to enter the atomic privacy system is to slide the lower dock left, and then click the hidden button that appears. Only after fingerprint, face and other verification identification can you enter the system.When you log out of the atomic privacy system, the data inside the system is hidden, and no one other than the owner can access the system.Atomic privacy system is a very practical new function, the contemporary people’s work secret, life privacy and so on have exclusive storage space, safe and intimate.With the in-depth experience of OriginOS Ocean, I feel more and more that customized operating system can better understand the needs of mobile users of the same brand, and the functional design is more practical.When playing with the system, its smooth performance is excellent, showing that this is a good looking and easy to use custom operating system.