An unforgettable trip to the new countryside

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Teacher: Zhang Qingwei has long heard from the students that the construction of the new countryside in Tujiaigou is very interesting. I have been looking forward to having the opportunity to play.On the second day of the lunar New Year, my mother decided to take me and my sister to the soil groove, AND I danced for joy.We packed up and set out.Along the way, the sun was shining, the wind stroked my cheek, and MY heart was happy to open flowers.Half an hour later, we arrived at the earth groove.A look, mom!The mountain road was thick with vehicles.We had to get off and walk, while walking while playing, while enjoying the beautiful scenery.After walking for about half an hour, we finally approached tuchaogou Square.The first thing that caught my eye was the three app ICONS of “Douyin”, “Kuaishou” and “Volcano” standing in front of the square, which made me feel the breath of The Times and thought: Quite advanced?We continue to go inside, here for people to play many entertainment activities, there are many people swing, collective swing bridge and so on many fun things, but each one is full of people.As we continued up the road, we came to the water park.The water park has six projects, including tire bridge, steel wire bridge, wooden pile bridge, horizontal wooden bridge, floating and swaying bridge.I immediately rushed over, this is my favorite event.I looked around, and the tire bridge is the simplest, right?I’ll be the first to conquer it.Tires floating on the surface of the water, after stepping on the tires will be half into the water, must walk smoothly, hands also grasp the handrail, if you fall down will become “drowned.”I like to take risks, so this difficulty was nothing to me, I passed the first level smoothly.I came to the second level of rainbow Bridge.The rainbow Bridge is more than 1 meter high above the water. The bridge deck swings back and forth, and people will sway back and forth when they walk on it.The water under the bridge was also shaken by the wind, the bridge deck is shaking, people are also shaking, water is also shaking, shaking people feel dizzy.Many people are eager to try, there is an aunt walked up.But in the middle, she dared not walk, had to squat down.Some people were too scared to go on the bridge.I observed, as long as do not look under the bridge, the bridge deck is more than 1 meter wide, and very flat, should not fall.I went up bravely, indeed, without the least fear, as I had done before.Finding the trick, I swaggered around a few times, and told the aunt the trick, and she walked over.Next to the adult straight call: “this child courage is really big, also really clever!”I listened to, the in the mind flattered.Then I came to the third level of the wooden bridge.There is a stake between the two pull lines. To walk across, you must stand on the stake with your feet firmly planted and hold the pull lines on both sides tightly with your hands.An uncle in front of the first on the stake, the uncle took two or three stakes, I followed behind the bridge.The bridge is a little difficult, I just went up, almost fell off, my heart suddenly nervous, surprised a cold sweat, a blank brain, people on the shore also issued a “ah” sound.As soon as I grabbed the third rope, my feet immediately rose together and my hands tightly pulled the ropes on both sides. A minute later, I stabilized my body and my brain slowly returned to normal.I walked carefully one by one, each step, trying to get just right.In the middle, the rope began to wobble, but by this time I had some skill.Every step is very steady, the heart is no longer afraid.I slowly picked up speed, five, four, three, and I made another mistake.I stopped, adjusted my body, held on, and stepped on the last stake. I finally came.That was close!My heart was still pounding, my arms and hands were so painful that I had to keep rubbing my hands for a while.There are floating bridge, floating wire bridge, these two difficulties are too big, but now winter ah, in case fell into the river side can be too cold.I’ll come back in the summer.I will conquer it then!Unconsciously the sun set, the cool wind also blew up, we were reluctant to go home,.Beautiful new countryside, I love you!Holiday, my sister and my mother three people at home idle, mother said to us: “children, let’s go to the supermarket to buy some delicious.”My sister and I heard, ecstatic, immediately tidy up.Came to the supermarket, I look east, west look, good things are really much ah, I see dazzled.We went to my favorite snack section, the shelves of snacks of all kinds, a wide variety.I hesitated for a long time, this also want to buy, that is also good, do not know what to buy.Suddenly I found a new taste of snacks “ah!A new flavor in “Potato” — spicy crayfish flavor.I immediately grabbed a pack.Then I grabbed a box of strawberry Oreos.I found the aisle next to the “golden monkey”, of course not the real golden monkey, it is the small animal protected by the state, I eat is not illegal?I’m talking golden monkey candy. It’s delicious!Shopping for half an hour, finally bought, all my favorite snacks, MY heart very happy, also happily humming “di tick, di tick…”My sister, my mother, three people came to the cashier, my mother touched her pocket and said: “Terrible!I forgot my phone, what should I do?”My heart “clunked”.We can’t pay without phones, and I can’t buy these delicious things without paying, and the more I think about it, the angrier I get.Why do you regret not reminding your mother to take your cell phone when you leave the house?Suddenly I saw my sister was playing mobile phone, I immediately called: “sister also has a mobile phone, with my sister’s mobile phone.”Sister a leng, that expression is really called tears.But there were still people waiting, so my sister had to take out her phone to pay the bill.My sister took the receipt, AND I took a look, “Mom!”Because it clearly says $51.But I thought, it’s not my money, why do I feel bad?On my way home I munched on snacks and felt so happy in my heart.Sister said nothing, may be distressed that 51 yuan.Sister just went to work this year, on several classes to get this 51 yuan, think of this, I put the hand snacks to sister points some.I also made up my mind that I would buy less snacks and spend less money.This shopping is really twists and turns, my heart like a roller coaster, up and down several times, is really an unforgettable shopping ah!