The origin of li’s surname

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Sima Qian recorded in the History of the Seventy Biographies · Lao Zi Han Fei Biographies as follows: Lao Zi, a native of Qurenli, Lixiang, Chu County, was named Li shi, given name er, styled Dan, and the history of Zhou Shou Zang Room.It means laozi was a native of Kuxian county of The State of Chu in the Spring and Autumn Period. His surname was Li. His name was Er and his courtesy name was Dan.Laozi is famous for the Taoist thought advocated in his Tao Te Ching.To the Tang Dynasty, the Li dynasty, because its ancestors had been in the Northern Wei and the Northern Zhou Xianbei ruled the period of the government, and lived with xianbei people all the year round, the life habits of the Li Tang royal family members have xianbei characteristics of the Ming Dynasty.Established after the tang dynasty imperial rule to facilitate the kimono, Li Tang dynasty had always wanted to prove his kinship with huaxia people identity, Tang Zu ‘three years (AD 620), tang gaozu to recognize the most huaxia people characteristic and influence a wide range of Lao tze for li ancestor, dry seal first year (AD 666), tang dynasty the emperor Li Zhi canonization Lao tze to emperor xuan yuan “” too.Chunqiu Zuo Zhuan is one of the main bases of Shiji, but we can’t find any record of Lao Zi’s surname Li in all the written records in Chunqiu Zuo Zhuan.Laozi’s name first appeared in the 14th year of Duke Wen of Lu in Zuo Zhuan of the Spring and Autumn Period. It happened in a royal struggle of Zhou:The duke of Zhou and Wang Sunsu, two important figures of the Zhou Dynasty, had a power struggle. As the ruling power of the Zhou dynasty became weaker and weaker, they brought a lawsuit to the state of Jin, the hegemon of the Spring and Autumn Period. King Zhou Qing broke his promise to support Wang Sunsu at the beginning and sent Yin and Dan to help the duke of Zhou fight the lawsuit.Zhao Xuanzi, the ruling official of the Jin Dynasty, calmed the dispute within the royal family and restored them to their former posts.The record only wrote Lao Zi’s Chinese character “Dan”, but did not specify his surname.In the annals of Zuo in the Spring and Autumn Period, another historical record recorded laozi’s father: In the fifteenth year of Zuo’s reign, Hua Yuan appointed Xiang Xu as the left division, Lao Zuo as Sima, yue Yi as Sikou, in order to stabilize the People of the Song Dynasty.Lao Zuo was the fifth grandson of Duke Dai of the Song Dynasty.Lao Zuo here is Lao Zi’s father, so Lao Zi is a descendant of the Shang royal family, taking Zi as his surname and Lao as his family name.As for the origin of Lao Zi’s surname li, there are few historical records, because Lao Zi was deified in the folk, his birth, surname and name are mostly in the form of deification stories.In the Eastern Jin Dynasty, a man named Ge Hong described Lao Zi as a specific image of a god, thinking that Lao Zi was the Supreme Lord. He described it in Bao Pu Zi Neizhang · Za Ying as follows:”The old gentleman’s shape, think of, lee Dan, word” Yang, nine feet in length and yellow, beak, hump nose, beautiful eyebrow five inches long, ear seven inches long, frontal three principle, up and down with gossip, in god turtle bed, gold LouYuTang, silver for the order, colored cloud, and the overlap of the crown, feng ding’s sword, from the young and 120, twelve left tsing lung, right there are 26 white tiger, before twenty rosefinch,There are seventy-two xuanwu in the rear, twelve poor and strange ways in the front, and thirty-six exorcises evil spirits in the rear. The lightening is on the top, shaking the whole land. This is also from the fairy sutra.”In the later “Legend of the Gods”, there are several views about Laozi, the name of Laozi chonger, the word Boyang, The people of Qu Renli, Chu County.His mother felt a great meteor and became pregnant.Although natural, in the Li family, still take li as the surname