The passer-by bureau is the most worthy of hard training of soldiers, crushing Arthur, lyubu, but few people will play

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In King of Glory, if the strength of the match, the final can decide the outcome of the match, is often against the road player’s level.In the later period, when everyone’s equipment is formed, the meeting is almost mutual seconds.In order to win a group battle, it is necessary to have more powerful means of opening the group and the ability to cut back the rear row, and the warriors against the road are very good at this.Soldiers like Sun Ce, Lu Bu and Zhong Wuyan have a strong ability to open a regiment and kill brittle skin in a second.Recently, the passer-by bureau also has the most worthy of hard training of the birth of soldiers, Cheek Arthur slung Lu Bu, but a few people will play.Arthur is pretty much the current version of everything. He can play low end games, he can play high end games, he can play road games, he can play wild games, he can play even in support.Arthur is simple, powerful, and can easily deal tons of damage in matchups, and Arthur is one of the few warrior heroes who can play the silent control, which does no damage, but can interrupt or block the interpretation of enemy abilities.To be honest, Arthur’s silence skill is quite disgusting, after a full level, with a 40% cooldown reduction, Arthur has a silence skill in three seconds, can cause a lot of trouble to enemy heroes.Arthur’s strengthening general attack is a lock enemy skills, as long as in Arthur’s attack range, can instantly paste face and silence the enemy, with two skills of continuous output and the moment of the outbreak of the big move, can also do easy seconds to kill brittle skin.When it comes to opening a group, Lu Bu’s ability to open a group is beyond doubt. Lu Bu’s big move is a powerful skill with super distance displacement and super range control.Lv Bu big recruit landing to the enemy within the range of a second hit fly, and landing moment Lv Bu is invincible, coupled with landing hit the enemy can get enchanted effect, Lv Bu control and output ability will reach the peak in a moment.Especially the hero of a few short legs, in the face of Lyu3 Bu4 very suffer a loss, dozen regiment of time, as long as Lyu3 Bu4 big recruit aim at short leg hero, landing when can a set of its second kill.Lv bu’s big move can also cause a continuous 50% deceleration effect on the enemy within the range, this deceleration control, can also help teammates to better stay, coupled with Lv Bu’s ultra high tank, team battle performance is very good.My recent game also has the most worthy of training the birth of warrior hero, crushing Arthur hung lu Bu, but few people will play, he is the current version has the highest winning rate of warrior hero Ne Zha.Arthur’s mobility is very good, through the speed of the advantage of the enemy caused by continuous control and output, Lv Bu’s big move is also very domineer, can cause strong control and high damage to the enemy within the range, and the people’s ability to open the group can easily crush Arthur and Lv Bu.Because Nezha is a warrior hero with full vision and full tracking ability, if anyone can drive to the C position on the opposite side in the late team battles, it is almost always easy to win.Generally, shooters who can play will hide their vision very well, and only when opening the group will expose their vision to go crazy output. If we can know the vision of the opponent’s shooter in advance, it will help our assassin greatly.When Nezha’s big move is launched, all enemies can see and the position of the archers is exposed. Nezha immediately locks on the archers on the opposite side and chases them, leaving them no choice but to defend passively.Nezha’s core three pieces of equipment are the shoes of Resistance, the Shadow tomahawk and the piercing armor. These three pieces of equipment can be said to be invincible in team warfare.Which zha tricks landing has strong damage, but also was controlled by the enemy, but the resistance of the resistance shoes can improve 35% and plus which zha big recruit their own resistance, basic is not afraid of control which zha, shadow tomahawk and anti stab injury and to maximize the restraint striker, if not a or east the emperor too zhang liang this continuous hard control,Then Nezha will be unbeatable in the later stages.What do you think of Nezha’s performance?Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section and see you next time.