Suspected AITO new SUV spy photos exposed!Or named “Wenjie M7”, equipped with Huawei Hongmeng cockpit

2022-05-10 0 By

A few days ago, the author obtained from the Internet a group of suspected AITO new SUV spy photos.AITO is a new high-end car brand jointly created by Huawei and Cyrus. It was officially launched in December 2021, and the first model under the brand, Wenjie M5, is expected to start mass delivery in March this year.According to the leaked spy photos, the overall size of the new car appears to be larger than the M5, and it may be named the M7. According to previous official information, the new car is expected to hit the market within this year.It is worth mentioning that the AITO brand will challenge the sales target of 300,000 units in 2022 according to the formulated plan.Ask jie M5 the exposure of the new car spy photos for a large area of camouflage, but from the outline of the present, it uses the same design language with ask Jie M5, which is equipped with a large trapezoidal air intake grille front part, interior through the transverse decorative strip ornament.Besides, grille still has the guide groove of erect form on both sides, the big lamp group of tie-in model acuteness, look relatively individual character.The side and rear of the car are a bit more conventional, with the popular cut-through taillights, embellished with a chrome strip.From the spy, the new car is expected to use hidden exhaust layout.In the interior, the new car will be equipped with hongmeng OS intelligent cockpit, which is also the biggest selling point of AITO brand models. It can provide users with more convenient and intelligent car experience.As for power, it is expected that the new car will continue to extend the range of hybrid, and pure electric version or will not be absent, so as to meet the trend of industry development.Summary: From huawei’s earlier exposure of product planning, AITO brand in addition to wenjie M5 this medium-sized SUV, will also launch a medium-sized pure electric SUV and large SUV, and the exposure of the new car is likely to be the latter.From spy photos, the overall appearance of the new car has adopted a family-style design, relatively speaking, and there are not too many surprises, but as a flagship intelligent brand, the cockpit part is undoubtedly worth looking forward to.At present, there is not much product information, so I cannot have a deeper understanding of the new car, and the author will continue to pay attention to it.