Daming: The bank card has no SMS notification. How can I check the balance?I teach you

2022-05-10 0 By

The bank card does not have SMS notification, but the balance can still be queried through several methods. 1. Call the customer service of the bank to check the balance.2. Download mobile banking to check the balance.3. Check the balance by following the wechat official account.4. Handle SMS reminder function.Call the bank customer service phone to query the balance of this method is very simple, as long as call the bank customer service phone, through the voice with the customer service to say “check the balance”, and then need to input the bank card number and payment password can be checked.Download mobile banking Open the mobile application market, enter the mobile banking APP to download, then open the main interface of the mobile banking APP, the first time to use the need for “face recognition”, finally set the login password, click “query balance”.Open wechat, enter the bank’s official account and click Follow, then enter the official account to bind the bank card, and finally click “check the balance”.Deal with SMS alerts the method is the most convenient, only need to take bank card go to bank counter can open this function, but need to pay a few dollars each month fee, I think the money well spent, now everyone living standards improve, who wouldn’t want this a few dollars, as long as the bank card is dealt with after spending and income will be reminded.In summary, can stay at home to query the balance of the bank card, basically will use the above method, we can choose according to their actual situation.Hello everyone, I am Daming, mainly answer the computer in the application of all kinds of problems encountered, as well as to provide solutions to computer failure, teach a variety of computer tips, computer knowledge!