Cinnamon to buy flowers to send goddess is romantic, courted beans to send goddess is owe dozen, someone send flowers to buy a basin?

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Hello everyone!Welcome to watch today’s “Star too strange”, mainly tells the story of cinnamon to buy flowers to roll roll when people feel very romantic, but hard beans is to make people feel funny?Drink milk, cinnamon is to buy milk tea, he is directly pull niu set straw to drink!What a tough guy, huh?Let’s have a look!One day cinnamon and Curly were shopping in the street, an uncle said, hey, do you want to buy a flower?At this time the cinnamon immediately agreed to down.After buying it, he gave it to Curly without stopping and said, “This is my flower of friendship to you.Rose represents love, curly curly took the flowers immediately shy!This is so romantic!Anti – guanfen beans here make people laugh off big teeth!At this time the evening beans and their goddess shopping?”Flowers?” said an uncle.He took out a rose.At this moment, fendou retorted, “Can one?He bought a large pot, with flowers and POTS, and placed it on Goxie’s head!This is going to piss Off Goxie!At this time, the three people met, or that familiar question, where did fen Dou go?”He’s gone to be fat!” replied Gauzy.In the afternoon, after an afternoon of road, spring rolls should be thirsty.At this time the cinnamon also thought, so went to buy a cup of milk tea to drink spring rolls, but also did not forget to say, spring rolls this is your favorite to drink!At this time of spring rolls happily took over and drank up!This is a big surprise!These two people are sucking this real pure milk, even Yili Mengniu does not have his pure ah!At this time of the bean also do not forget to say, the original fierce cow milk, drink prolong life!By this time, Goxie was already depressed!At this time they met again, open and closed are hard beans and where to go?Ask gao Qian way, ha ha vigorous bean milk drank much is spit this, need not ignore him!Just then the trash can caught Fen’s head and I wonder how he got down!Well, this is the end of the story, thank you for watching!For more, check out this anime flavored salad dressing