Beauty is the flower of life

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Beauty is a person’s best ticket to the world. When I was a child in the movies, the good characters were all good, and the bad characters were all bad.Beauty is one of the best entry ticket, no effort!Zhou Enlai premier Zhou Enlai Premier Zhou Was born on March 5, 1898 in Huai ‘an, Jiangsu Province.Is a great marxist, a great proletarian revolutionary and statesman, strategist, diplomats, one of the main leaders of the party and the state, one of the main founders of the Chinese people’s liberation army, the founding fathers of the People’s Republic of China, with comrade MAO zedong as the core of an important member of the party’s first generation of central collective leadership.He has distinguished service, high moral character and glorious personality, the words say that he is not overrated.At the same time, it is the first of the four great handsome men in the Republic of China!Great Leader Zhou Enlai Premier Zhou Huiyin Lin Huiyin was a famous Chinese female architect, poet and writer.Designer of monument to the People’s Heroes and national emblem of the People’s Republic of China.With her husband Liang Sicheng, she studied ancient Chinese architecture with modern scientific methods and became a pioneer in this academic field. Later, she made great academic achievements in this field, laying a solid scientific foundation for the study of ancient Chinese architecture.In literature, he has written essays, poems, novels, plays, translations and letters, etc. His representative works are “You are the April Day of the World”, “Lotus Lantern”, “The Ninety-nine Degrees” and so on.Among the famous talents of the Republic of China, she was not only the first to join the “Crescent Society”, but also made great achievements in poetry, fiction, prose, drama, painting and translation.She almost marks the color of an era, outstanding talent, beautiful appearance.Lin Huiyin talented girl of the Republic of China is beautiful really advantage