Visit wu Jing’s mansion, the overall decoration is luxurious, from the outside looks like living in a high-end hotel

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Visiting wu Jing’s mansion, the overall decoration is very luxurious, from the outside, it looks like living in a high-end hotel, I believe that everyone has seen a lot of movies about Wu Jing, such as “Wolf Warrior”, “Kill The Wolf”, “Wandering Earth”, “Changjin Lake” are familiar, leaving a deep impression on people.Behind these excellent works, full of his hard work, in fact, he has been out for more than 20 years, from running errands to today’s achievements, the process of sadness is obvious to all, so his career is also steady forward, people call him the artist desperately to make money.During these years of performing arts career, I met Xie Nan and fell in love with her, and finally got married and had a lovely son. Now the family is in love with each other. Let’s take a look at the tender side behind the iron Man, and feel his life breath.Usually Xie Na will often interact with the children, the two pout mouth is very cute, you can see the design of the bedroom is simple and comfortable, large pillows and pillow, engraved with some patterns, give it more poetic and painting, white bed soft and elastic, sleep quite comfortable.The layout of the sitting room looks like some along with a sex, did not imagine medium costly, to Wu Jing nevertheless this kind of tough guy, equipment all ready can satisfy him, the likelihood does not need too much flower in the design of hu Qiao, practical give priority to.The floor is covered with wood grain flooring, which makes the wine red color look more advanced.Hanging on the wall was a huge picture of a child’s art. Even the child was a little shocked when he saw it. He never thought it was him.In the beginning, wu Jing raised her son by herself shortly after he was born. She held the baby on her waist, which was very cute.There is a tough man’s father, from an early age to train children to look at the sport of blood, is playing some NBA basketball games, the baby also put on a jersey to see, is watching with relish.The layout of the TV room is also a bit tougher, with a simple white wall as the background, some plastic sculpture dogs placed next to it, and the TV table has no extra decoration, simply quite practical.Wu Also often interacts with his son. The wooden board is more natural, so even if he stands on it with bare feet, he will not feel cold. The two of them play hide and seek, which is really a loving father.Watching their son grow up, his parents prepared a set of spider-man costume and a martial arts costume for him. When he wore it, he instantly became a superhero. When he wore martial arts costume, he looked very handsome and stylish.Wu Jing also said on his micro blog that his children should learn martial arts like him when they grow up. “Like father, like son.”On his wife Xie Nan’s birthday, Wu prepared some flowers and gave her some small gifts, full of love.The room was also decorated in a festive way.The dining room is full of balloons and the tables are decorated with elaborately designed flowers. It is quite artistic, just like entering a high-end hotel. Presumably, the appetite for dining here will also increase.Usually two people also did not sprinkle dog food, made some funny expression, also can win a part of the fan favor.The tough guy in the show is a tender husband in real life, so Wu Jing seems to have hit the right spot.See his wife some tired, came forward to beat back, two people left a pile of dog food, it seems that Xie Nan is also very happy, can also say that the family is very loving, finally wish them better.