Prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner, slow down, the sun is shining

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On January 26, a new COVID-19 case was confirmed in Hebei District, bringing a new stage to the already stable epidemic prevention and control situation.On January 27, Hebei district designated a community control area, and sun’s home is located within the control area.Yesterday, Sun and his family spent the New Year’s Eve in a protected area. The New Year’s Eve dinner was not discounted because of the epidemic, and the delicious food prepared for the Spring Festival in previous years was no less this year. The Spring Festival was as rich as before, but it was destined to be unforgettable.Sun lives in Jinzhao Garden, Wanghailou Street, Hebei District. On January 27, he and his wife went to the vegetable market on Zhongshan Road to buy Spring Festival goods and just returned home, they received a phone call from the stream. Then, his community was delimited into the prevention zone.Sun watched the epidemic prevention personnel set up the baffle piece by piece, a moment of indescribable mood.”I knew I couldn’t get out.”Sun said, “I’ve never experienced anything like this before, but I didn’t panic.”In the protected area, everyone can move about freely. Sun went out for a walk and found that the protected area was quite different.People who usually look in a hurry now stop and try to find some fun for their lives. So in a sunny afternoon, the road that no longer drives became a playground, with people playing basketball, badminton and shuttlecock. Sun heard an old man sigh that it had not been so lively for a long time.January 28 is the 26th day of the 12th lunar month, and there are only three days left before The Lunar New Year’s Eve.Sun’s New Year’s shopping has not been finished yet, but the market on Zhongshan Road has been closed, as has another market in the prevention area, leaving only the old dishes market still open.Sun is with uneasy mood into the old dish market, he has been ready to “get a knife”, but into the market to ask the price, Sun was shocked, “beef 38-40 yuan a catty, no price increase, I also did not think, I thought the price should at least float some.The scale of the market for old dishes is ok, and supplies are quite abundant. You can buy anything you want.”Sun is from Shandong, the family still follow the customs of Shandong, Shandong people Spring Festival, fried vegetables are essential, this year in the prevention area of the Spring Festival, Sun’s Shandong delicious is still complete, fried crisp meat, fried meat, fried tofu, fried balls, fried yams, one neatly arranged in the kitchen.Thirty evening, the whole family together dumplings, but also with dragon juice and spinach juice to dye a color dumplings, for a good color.Xiao Sun’s son is almost two years old and already knows how to say “Good luck in the Year of the Tiger.Sun said that he believed the New Year will be better, hope to open the seal as soon as possible, to welcome the spring.(Source: Jinyun)