New Year’s day, Mi Fu are in the post, you have what reason not to work hard

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Mi Fu “Yuan-ri post” paper 25.2cm across 40.5cm Osaka Museum of Art, Japan: Yuan-ri burning incense in the bright window, northwest to my friends, its forever bosom knows.Exhibition “Emperor Wen” read, not as good as his book.In writing a number of not, the letter is true in front of people, also.Have time to make music, laugh at things.New Year don’t recruit mouth industry, better.What else?Sirong Dong under?You will not wait until you have received the book.Chinese ancients do not record years according to the Gregorian calendar, “Yuan Ri” refers to the auspicious day, the first day of the first lunar month for New Year’s Day, the first day of the year.Now, we usually mark the beginning of a New Year by the solar calendar, and this post can also be viewed today.Mi Fu “Yuan Ri” also burning incense for books, we should work harder, but as a rough view, is not satisfied, also need not be upset, because Mi Fu is also “write a number of not”.So, no one can casually succeed, but also need to relax.To look at the heart, with diligence to achieve it.”Yuan Ri post” is the northern Song calligrapher, painter, painting and calligraphy theorist Mi Fu’s work, is its cursive nine post three, 25.2 cm high, 40.5 cm wide, about the book in 1099 (song Yuan Fu two years).Most of the grass characters in this post are written directly from jin people, and the brush is also characteristic of Jin people.The whole work with the pen is quick, the wrist force is mighty, both fast and strong, ups and downs of appearance, the change of line thickness is strong contrast, continuous strokes, momentum, temperament.Osaka City Museum of Art, Japan.Ming Dynasty people Du Mu Ba “Yuan Ri post” cloud: “Weng this volume taste shaoxing secret house, after his son Yuan Hui title, cover Haiyue life book also.One of them was a poem in Haidai Lou, and the next small note said: ‘I wrote it three or four times, with one or two good words between. It was difficult to write a letter.’Fu Hai Yue shu, it can be said into the jin people’s room.”Mi Fu running script skill is the highest, but cursive script has a unique meaning and rhyme.This piece of yuan Ri post represents the height of his grass law.Yuan fu first year, Mi Fu bought jin Xian fourteen post, inspired his understanding of cursive.He took jin people, once said in “on the book” “cursive if not into the jin personality, but become inferior”.Mi Fu appreciate Wang, once said, “son respect naive beyond, than the father”.”Yuan Ri post” is characterized by few continuous words, but can do end to end, left and right echo, if line if hide, make the layout free and not messy.The style of writing is very varied but without ostentatiousness. When writing, it shows a natural and easy state. It is also a little less natural and natural than the Jin people, which may be caused by the arrangement of thinking before writing.END — Copyright notice — Copyright belongs to the originator, and does not mean that the website agrees with their views or is responsible for their authenticity.If related to the content of the work, copyright and other problems, please contact this network, we will delete the content in the first time!Original content if you need to reprint please contact us.Editor editor 丨 norain | Liao Weifu