Hold your breath so you don’t wear a mask?Here comes the Los Angeles mayoral god theory

2022-05-09 0 By

Channel according to the Columbia broadcasting company (CBS) Los Angeles KCAL, “Russia today” (RT), the Los Angeles mayor Eric and cutting speed for a Sunday courtside to pose for not wearing a mask of criticism, his/her on Wednesday (Feb. 2) explained at a news conference, said whenever oneself to remove mask, will be “breath”,So there’s no risk of infection.However, this argument does not seem to be very convincing, and drew more ridicule from netizens.The photo of Garchetti posing with Los Angeles Lakers legend Elvin Johnson on the sideline of the RAMS ‘football game against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday, without masks, drew criticism after it spread online, the newspaper said.In Los Angeles, all fans are required to wear masks at all times, except for eating and drinking water, according to the city’s current quarantine rules.According to KCAL, Garchetti addressed the controversy at a news conference on Wednesday about the Super Bowl quarantine rules in Inglewood, not far from Los Angeles.”I wore a mask the whole race, and when people asked for a photo, I held my breath, put the mask away, and people could see that, and the chance of infection was 0 percent.””Garchetti said.According to KCAL, Gacchetti gave an interview the same day and even demonstrated holding his breath after taking off his mask.”As a public figure, I’m used to criticism, and I wore a mask throughout that game,” Gachetti said. “People wanted to take pictures and I held my breath.Zero risk.”RT said the Los Angeles mayor meant “if you hold your breath, you don’t have to wear a mask.”However, according to RT, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) does not recommend “hold your breath”;In addition, the MIT School of Medicine has said that holding your breath to avoid contracting the Novel Coronavirus is “probably not helpful at all.”Garchetti’s explanation did not convince many netizens, many of whom were amused and mocked.”I can’t believe this is real,” wrote one user.”Please tell me if there is one person who actually believes this garbage,” one user joked.Thank you.”The Official Twitter account of the New York Republican Party also took note of the Democratic mayor of Los Angeles, writing, “Haha…Stop the hypocrisy.”Another user photocopied the photo of Garchetti, photoshopping his face turquoise with the caption: ‘Eric Garchetti waiting to exhale…’Another user couldn’t help but poke fun at the idea that some people would still believe Garchetti’s story, writing: ‘But they will buy it anyway, which is even funnier.'(Editing: Yin Zi)