Agricultural material enterprise production is busy spring ploughing spring sowing safeguard

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Spring ploughing is approaching, in recent days, Maigaiti County Tianyun Plastic Products Co., Ltd. seize the opportunity to speed up the production of drip irrigation belt, to ensure the supply of agricultural materials for spring ploughing preparation.Enter The Maigai County Tianyun Plastic Products Co., LTD., the production of raw materials reserve is sufficient, a roll of newly processed drip irrigation tape neatly placed.Production workshop, the machine roar, workers busy measurement, comparison, feeding and pressure test, every link and process are orderly.Huan Zheng, general manager of Maitai Tianyun Plastic Products Co., LTD., said, “Our company produces 100,000 to 150,000 rolls of drip irrigation tape every year, and employs about 130 people in peak season.This year we undertook the production task of 220,000 mu of drip irrigation belt, now the company’s 12 production lines are at full capacity, work overtime production, plan to complete the production task before spring sowing.”In order to catch up with the progress at the same time, the enterprise strict quality control, agricultural products to ensure that the quality of qualified agricultural products to customers.”In the production process, we strictly control the quality and ensure that every meter of drip irrigation tape handed to merchants is qualified,” said Pei Tianhong, head of the production workshop at Tianyun Plastic Products Co., LTD.Industries are linked to employment, and employment is the most important factor in ensuring stability and security.Every year during the production of enterprises, expand the recruitment of seasonal positions, not only to solve the production of labor demand, but also to drive the surrounding villages and towns of the nearby employment, the real “win-win”.”I have been working here for seven years and now my salary has increased a lot. It is more than 5,000 yuan a month.After the neighbors knew about it, they also asked me to introduce them to work together to increase their income. Now many people in our village work here.”It is understood that Maigaiti County Tianyun Plastic Products Co., Ltd. was put into production in 2011. It is an enterprise that produces drip irrigation belt, mulching film and other agricultural production materials, with an annual output of pipes for 300,000 mu of farmland.With the promotion of high-standard farmland construction projects in recent years, farmers’ awareness of water saving is constantly enhanced, and the annual orders of drip irrigation belt of enterprises are increasing at a double speed.Besides supplying the local agricultural markets in Maigaiti County, the products are also sold to yuepu Lake, Bachu, Jiashi, Shule and other surrounding counties.Huan Zheng, general manager of Maigate County Tianyun Plastic Products Co., LTD., said, “According to market feedback, more and more farmland in Maigate County is using drip irrigation belt year by year, which reflects the achievement of building a water-saving society in Maigate County and adds impetus to the development of our company.Maigate County also has a strong policy support for enterprises, and I believe the company will have a great future in Maigate County.”(Written by Zhang Jilan Abduxkul Usman, reporter of Maigaiti Rong Media Center)