The teacher profession welcomes “new change”, these 3 kinds of teacher job is not guaranteed, will be kicked out of the teaching team

2022-05-08 0 By

Teachers industry to meet the “new”, the three class teacher jobs, will be kicked out in one hundred teachers, education, education, the teacher for this, we all know the importance of education, but in recent years, teachers’ professional threshold is more and more low, the teacher students abuse video frequency were revealed, annual new pedagogic law revised in 2021, bringing the issue to a new heat,According to the revised draft of the new teachers, to obtain the qualifications of primary and secondary school teachers, one must have a bachelor’s degree or above in a normal major or other related majors, and obtain a corresponding degree.In my opinion the state could limit exists in the education industry, but not limited to get your teaching certificate, on the one hand, to promote the education of lifelong learning framework to build, on the other hand reduced the contradiction intensifies, school and family and so on a big problem, but from the education industry, and then the subsequent social recruitment, the recruitment of teachers tend to normal,It will take at least three to five years for a law to be revised from consultation to enactment and implementation, so don’t worry too much.In fact, in addition to the above mentioned, teachers have long faced a “major overhaul”, the following three types of teachers will be kicked out of the teaching force, this is what happened.The first category, without teacher qualification certificate, it is well understood that this is the necessary threshold to enter the teaching industry, without this certificate, naturally can not become a teacher.The second type, in-service teachers illegal make up lessons, now for in-service teachers paid make up lessons can be said to be an all-round ban, once found will be seriously dealt with, the teacher will not risk again.Thirdly, it violates teachers’ ethics. Teachers are not only responsible for teaching, but also for educating people. In order to ensure teachers’ ethics, education departments attach great importance to teachers’ ethics.