Lonely escape words: the third grade, looking forward to the year of the Tiger (four) investment wave, move

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“Lonely Talk Night107, the third day, looking forward to the Year of the Tiger (four), fry stocks, buy, don’t think too beautiful” ■ Click ● focus ● “cold window empty guard/lonely cold window empty guard”.Can enjoy one to one engineering, real estate, industrial operation comprehensive consultation, the first question free.Engineering, technical planning and research, paper revision, welcome to consult.At the same time, we welcome the exchange of poetry, literature and meditation.● Look ahead to this year’s investment.Investing this year is bound to be high risk, and with that risk comes rewards.My prediction is unfounded and unreliable.The third day is the day to return home.Now there is not so much attention, and to this day, we began to eat.But because of the epidemic, to eat today, is also very good.The world economy is not doing well, and many countries have not recovered to pre-pandemic levels.And the epidemic is not over, this time people just get used to the hard life.Bitter day, more bitter day, is such a step by step to our side.A bad day doesn’t mean that everything is green. It goes down and it goes up.You can’t produce during a pandemic, but you can always print money.This is how the US sustains its economy, printing money and harvesting scarce commodities around the world to keep it alive.In addition to shopping, money can also quickly flow into financial assets, which is why the stock market has been booming in the past two years.The country is well aware of this and is not at ease with such hot money inflows.Even hot money is less than it was before the pandemic after tightening controls.While China is immune to the impact of the United States, other countries find it difficult to maintain such tranquility and stability.The world economy in this tsunami of ebb and flow, must have left a blood stain.A number of foreign governments are bound to fall in the next two years.This is an inevitable worldwide shock, and even America’s powerful European Allies are unlikely to be immune.This is certainly a prediction, but it is also a considered international outlook.For many people, the stock market is the only way to get into finance and investment.Really a lot of people have joined the sea, in the sea of ups and downs.To be honest, stocks are losing more than winning, which is inevitable in the HFT crowd.Because every trade was cut leek by broker, platform, calculate whole stock to have outstanding achievement, have valuation, have share out bonus, early by these operation all ate.Moreover, trading is also a way of wealth concentration, so it is inevitable for most high-frequency traders to lose money.It’s the same with gambling, but with more frequency, so the loss is more direct.It’s just that people don’t think of stocks as gambling.Fry is not gambling of course, just the way that certain fry, became a kind of gambling really.Next year’s stock market is bound to be more ups and downs, after all, with the interest rate hike in the United States, part of the external capital withdrawal, which leads to the domestic capital will be more tense.Although I think China will not follow the United States to raise interest rates, but may appear contrary operation.But there is no way to completely eliminate the foreign property market shock on the domestic stock market psychological impact.My outlook for the stock market in 2022 is generally weak, with a long way to go.As a result of the magnificent, there will be a lot of opportunities, want to fight, or a good opportunity.Since the stock market is the only way for Chinese to invest, there is another crazier investment market than the real estate market.For the stock market, most people still did not increase leverage, while for the real estate market, many people are not only heavy positions, but also increased leverage, some people even in the real estate market through the commercial loan + consumer loan model, the leverage increased to more than 10.As always, I said that 2019 is a double peak in the property market, and this judgment will not change.Of course the late 2020, early 2021 wave was slapped in the face.And by the middle of the year I was basically right.And 2022 is almost certainly a bad year for all but a few hot spots.As the state will release targeted water this year, some people can always get a certain amount of cheap money, but in the case of no way to invest, it will still cause flooding in some hot spots.If can seize these market, still can enjoy the beauty of life.However, these hot spots are not destined to be too many, and the cycle of real estate is too long, and even if you choose the right hot spots, there is no reliable developer, it may be useless.It is estimated that this year’s hot spots will be in some second-tier cities, this is my judgment.Looking ahead to the property market, it is a very empty thing, if we can calculate accurately, it is estimated that there will be no poor people, let alone negative equity.Be very careful.Do not tell myself is just need, now the market has no just need, estimated 3~5 years later, it is possible to reopen just need market.If you really need it, only then, and don’t ask me how I know.The pictures come from the Internet, and part of the text is also quoted from the Internet.If there is infringement, please contact the author to delete.Only subscribe, never miss out again.Only like, give motivation.Only reply, have a goal.Your needs are the direction of the author’s research.Write for yourself and cheer for life.The author “lonely cold window empty guard” poem cloud: lonely practice in an instant, cold window frost cold hard to sleep, empty keep cold cold world thin, peaceful tears quiet night day.№1066 Date: 220203