From guarding the country’s borders to guarding communities, veterans have served as gatekeepers for more than 5,000 households in social security housing

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Yangzi Evening News network on March 25 (correspondent Nijunhua reporter Zhang Ke) he is a veteran, has always retained the “veterans do not fade” of the military character, with practical action to practice the “revolutionary soldiers are a brick, where need where to move” strong belief;He is a property manager who has been working for nearly 20 years. He is enthusiastic, modest and sincere. He has won the trust of thousands of residents with the service concept of “being urgent to the owners and thinking about the owners”.He is CAI Tian, the property manager of Yicheng Sifang New Village in Nanjing.In the face of the epidemic, he volunteered to work on the front line of epidemic prevention and control, leading the team to build a solid defense line for the four social housing communities, more than 5,000 households, and acting as a gatekeeper for the owners.Every day the first to the post, draw up the work plan and assign tasks in the morning meeting, CAI Tian with “iron plate” work method, every day to nearly 400,000 square meters of residential area inspection.From 7 a.m. to 12 a.m., a 7-square-meter office became his temporary home, and he strictly implemented every aspect of epidemic control, including gate control, comprehensive eradication, publicity and guidance.In addition to fulfilling her own duties, CAI Tian actively cooperated with the community in the screening of foreign personnel, nucleic acid testing, home isolation, and led 230 people to participate in order maintenance, equipment construction, sanitation and disinfection and other on-site work, assisting in communication and handling of various problems, and providing a strong guarantee for the community’s epidemic prevention and control.At the same time, through residents’ feedback, 12345 work order and other channels, he paid close attention to tracking every residents’ demands, timely solved problems and improved services.In the prevention and control of the epidemic, the work of the property management staff is very hard.CAI Tian has always put the safety of the team staff in an important position, actively communicate epidemic prevention supplies, to send umbrella to the staff plus clothing snack, for the staff to guarantee the basic rest.In the face of emotional owners, he always rushed to the front and actively resolve conflicts.Under his leadership, the staff consciously joined forces to continuously improve the fighting capacity against the epidemic.Proofread by Sheng Yuanyuan source: Purple Cow News