China Construction Fifth Bureau Hainan Branch warm heart stay workers to help the development of “build” certificate happy China Year

2022-05-08 0 By

“This is the second year I have worked on the construction site. Although I did not go home, I still feel very happy and happy.”Liu, a steel worker from the Hainan Ecological Smart New City project of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau hainan Branch, is smiling from ear to ear with his hands full of Spring Festival goods.In order to actively respond to the call of “warm heart to stay and help the construction of free trade port”, China Construction Fifth Bureau Hainan Branch proposed that migrant workers local Spring Festival, stable production, promote development, and launched triple “gift package”, so that “the flavor of the New Year does not close”.Snacks, milk, fruit…The labor Union of Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau organized the Spring Festival consolation activities, sent customized “Gift packages” to all the staff and migrant workers in the projects under construction, arranged the canteen to prepare abundant dishes, organized the happy New Year’s Eve dinner, and ensured the life during the holidays.In order to make the project site also full of thick Smell of the New Year, the project department has affixed Spring Festival couplets, hang lanterns, and carry out “cloud” blessing series activities, through video sharing, send greeting cards, to distant relatives to send holiday blessings.”Go out, safety first”, safety is always the biggest concern of family.In order to ensure that the workers spend a safe and peaceful Spring Festival, The Hainan Branch of China Construction Fifth Engineering Bureau pays great attention to the inspection of production safety during the festival. The project department carries out safety early and late every day to ensure that the mind is not lax and the safety is not a holiday.It is understood that since the practice of “I do practical things for the masses” has been carried out, China Construction Fifth Bureau Hainan Branch combined with the actual situation, started the “sunshine service through train”, for grass-roots employees to do practical things, do good things, solve problems.This warm heart “gift package” is an important measure of “Sunshine Service Express”, which aims to warm the frontline workers who spend the Spring Festival there with heart and affection, and enhance their sense of gain, belonging and happiness.(Correspondent Zhang Sui)