There will be rain and snow in most of our province from 5th to 7th, so we need to pay attention to the adverse impact of Spring Festival travel and energy supply

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Due to the joint influence of plateau trough and southerly warm and wet airflow, there was a continuous rain and snow weather process from the southwest of Our province from the night of February 4th to February 7th. The peak period of rain and snow was from the night of February 5th to The night of February 6th, and the temperature dropped by 4-6 ℃ in Guanzhong and southern Shaanxi.The specific forecast is as follows: on The 5th, western and southern Guanzhong will have sleet or light snow (0 ~ 2 mm), Hanzhong and Ankang will have light rain or sleet (0 ~ 5 mm), Shangluo will be cloudy to medium snow (0 ~ 4 mm), Qinba mountain area will have medium snow (2 ~ 4 mm), local snow (3 ~ 6 mm).Shangluo and Qinba mountains added snow depth of 1 ~ 2 cm.Most of southern Shaanxi down 4-6℃.6, yulin south, Yan ‘an has small to medium snow (0 ~ 4 mm), guanzhong, southern Shaanxi has medium to heavy snow or sleet (4 ~ 8 mm), Qinba mountain snow (6 ~ 10 mm), local snow (10 ~ 13 mm).Northern Shaanxi new snow depth 0 ~ 3 cm, guanzhong most, southern Shaanxi new snow depth 1 ~ 4 cm, Qinba mountain new snow depth 2 ~ 8 cm.7, northern shaanxi, western Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi light snow (0 ~ 2 mm), eastern Guanzhong sporadic light snow turned cloudy day.Northern Shaanxi, western Guanzhong, southern Shaanxi new snow depth of 0 ~ 1 cm.In addition, during the rain and snow in the southern and southern areas of Yulin in Our province, visibility is low, especially in the morning of 6th to 7th, the visibility of some places is less than 500 meters.The meteorological conditions of air pollution in most of the province were good from 5th to 6th, and the meteorological conditions of air pollution in Guanzhong area were slightly worse on 7th.Late 8-10, northern Shaanxi, Guanzhong cloudy, southern Shaanxi overcast, the south of the weak rain and snow weather.Shaanxi meteorological observatory special note: need to focus on the Spring Festival traffic safety.Affected by the cool rain and snow and heavy fog weather, February 5-7 in southern shaanxi, guanzhong, most of the highway road in southern shaanxi road slippery ice, snow, high risk of low visibility, easy cause road block, must pay attention to road conditions, drive carefully, especially the rain and snow during the Spring Festival travel peak, flow of people, vehicles, need to guard against traffic safety hidden trouble.Focus on the impact of snow cover and cooling on facility agriculture and livestock.On March 3-4, the meteorological level of forest grassland fire risk in northern Shaanxi and northern Guanzhong is relatively high, so artificial fire source control should be strengthened to prevent forest grassland fire.It is suggested to strengthen monitoring and scientific dispatching management of electricity and coal reserves and stable supply of oil and gas.Residents are advised to pay more attention to the safety of heating with fire and electricity to guard against carbon monoxide poisoning.The public should pay close attention to the latest forecast and early warning information, keep warm and travel safety, and guard against the risk of colds, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Xi ‘an Press all media reporter Wang Haipeng