Shijiazhuang Port University Women’s and Children’s Hospital: Children stunted?Formula judgment method, parents quick stamp!

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Xiaojing has been one year old, since birth is a little baby let parents worry, eat and sleep, many elders to see the child is also praised.However, when her mother often took Jing to the park, she found that compared with other babies of her age, She could not raise her head, sit and wait, and pronounce baba mama.Mom felt something was wrong, but it was said that every baby’s development is different, there is no need to worry too much, and the child who speaks late is also smart, is it true?After the baby is born, how should we judge whether development is late or delayed?CAI Xiping, director of Shijiazhuang Port University Women and Children’s Hospital, said: “When babies have these conditions, parents must pay attention, it may be a sign of developmental delay!Birth (6 weeks) : unresponsive to sound or visual stimuli;Born (march) : not responsive to faces and sounds, unable to follow moving objects;Birth (6 months) : Poor head control Birth (8 months) : Unable to sit alone birth (1 year) : unable to use finger objects Birth (18 months) : Unable to walk, unable to say words Birth (24 months) : Unable to run, unable to say words Birth (36 months) : Unable to climb stairs, unable to communicate in simple sentences.A little more subtle is the “formula for judging”, which can help parents find out earlier if their child has developmental delays.Extensive sports: two lift, four turn, six sit, eight climb, ten station, one year old walk, two years old run, three years old jump alone;Fine motor development: three months (month) hand playing, five months (month) grip, seven months (month) hand changing, nine months (month) finger crossing, one year old scribble, two years old paper folding, three years old building blocks bridge;Cognitive development: two (month) laugh, six (month) recognize the birth, nine (month) do goodbye, one year old table needs, two years old play games, three years old can dress.Growth and development retardation is often multifaceted, including physical development, motor development, language development and intelligence retardation, but it can also be prominent in one aspect.If parents suspect that the baby has a developmental delay, it is recommended to take the child for examination and improve the development assessment, and the doctor will give professional guidance according to the assessment results.Director CAI of Hong Kong University reminds us: 0-3 years old is an important stage in the early development of children, which is the fastest period of human brain development and the most plasticity period.Stunting will not only affect the child’s growth, but also bring problems such as poor concentration, unclear speech, pronunciation difficulties, and even affect the level of intelligence, and even may cause psychological problems.Therefore, in the process of the baby’s early growth, parents must pay more attention to the growth and change of children.