More power, drum Tower qingming fire prevention “combination”

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In order to prevent forest fire accidents, During the Qingming Festival, Hongshan town carefully deployed, multiple measures, to do a good job of epidemic prevention and control and forest fire prevention work.Hongshan town has carried out publicity in various forms, including hanging banners, setting up warning signs and distributing publicity materials to households, so as to inform residents of the severe situation of the current epidemic and to dissuade people from returning to their hometowns to worship and sweep tombs in high-risk areas within and outside the province.They also promoted civilized, modern, simple and environmentally friendly funeral rites, advocated online sacrificial rites, raised people’s awareness of forest fire prevention, and created a strong atmosphere of “forest fire prevention is everyone’s responsibility”.To promote the establishment of a card to prevent Hongshan Town, the town authorities, the Economic Cooperation association and other elite forces were also mobilized to set up card points at six key checkpoints to persuade people who went to the mountain to worship ancestors to return, and to publicize relevant laws and regulations and epidemic control regulations.At the same time, party members and officials should play a pioneering and exemplary role in “saying goodbye to bad habits and advocating civilization” and being pioneers and leaders in epidemic prevention and control. They should persuade their relatives and friends to stop mountain worship for ancestors, advocate civilized worship, and promote changing customs and customs.Implement the on-duty system Strictly implement the on-duty and leadership shift system, strictly prohibit off-duty and off-duty phenomenon, require the on-duty personnel to master the forest fire prevention situation in a timely manner, ensure that fire information is uploaded quickly and accurately.Do “card, patrol, prevention, attack” each link responsibility to the person, implement to the post, resolutely put an end to illegal worship behavior, control artificial fire source, put an end to fire into the mountain, to prevent the occurrence of forest fires to the maximum extent.Strengthen forest area patrol Hongshan town to strengthen forest ground patrol, all-weather monitoring of the forest situation, increase the density and frequency of forest rangers and security guards fire patrol, daily patrol around the cemetery in key forest areas.Maintain high alert at all times and make emergency preparations to ensure that once fire or candle is found in the field, it can be put out and seized in time.