Liu Shaoqi walks out of a rich peasant’s home

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Liu Shaoqi was born into a wealthy peasant family, the youngest of his siblings.His father died when he was nine years old, and his family, especially his mother, loved him very much.In 1920, at the age of 22, Liu Shaoqi left home to study Russian in Shanghai, preparing to go to Moscow to learn revolutionary experience.Mother reluctant to him, afraid that mother and son can no longer meet, do not let him go.He affectionately said to his mother: “I left the motherland travel, leave mother, is for the motherland, but also for the mother ah!”He resolutely left.In the summer of 1922, Liu Shaoqi returned to Shanghai to join the work of the Secretary department of the China Labor Union. In the autumn of the same year, he served as a member of the Hunan District Committee of the Communist Party of China and led the workers’ strike of the Guangdong-Han Railway and the miners’ strike of anyuan Road.This series of revolutionary activities with national influence made Liu Shaoqi a thorn in the side of zhao Hengti, the warlord who ruled Hunan at that time.In 1925, Zhao Hengti arrested him.Later, after the rescue of party organizations and various aspects, Zhao Hengti released Liu Shaoqi.Liu’s mother refused to let him go. She even knelt down and begged him, “Don’t do that again. It’s too dangerous.”He understood the mother’s love for her son, but the ambition of serving the country could not be affected by personal considerations. He said to his mother kindly and firmly, “I can promise you anything else, except this one.”Since then, Liu Shaoqi said goodbye to his mother, went to Guangzhou, was elected chairman of the All-China Federation of Trade Unions, into the leadership of the national workers’ movement struggle.Liu Shaoqi had a sister who was two years older than him. She had been married to a landlord family in her early years. After the land reform, she had to live on her own.Once she wrote to Liu Shaoqi and said: “I was in the pond, while drawing water while thinking, my brother in Beijing as a big official, but I draw water here…”Liu Shaoqi wrote back, “I read your letter and know that you are fetching water and working. I feel honored to live by your work.I would be ashamed if my sister continued to live off exploitation…”He did not use his power to help his sister in accordance with her wishes.Later, When Liu Shaoqi was talking to several children, he spoke of the following paragraph: Class struggle is no one’s family, it exceeds the scope of the family, without emotion.I came to this realization before you, but I was prevented by my family, who scolded me;When I became chairman, they began to praise me again, and I had done them no good. The land was to be confiscated or not, and no special favors were to be taken from me.As president of the State, Liu Shaoqi has directly questioned two cases.One afternoon in July 1960, a young woman in her 20s came to the north gate of The State Council and put up six posters, including “Down with the people’s communes.”It turned out that the young woman was a power plant worker in Hunan province and a member of the Communist Youth League. She knew from her brother’s letter from home that her parents were suffering from edema due to lack of nutrition. When she got home, she found that people’s life in the village was very difficult, so she decided to report the situation to the Party Central Committee with slogans posted in the capital.Clearly, her motive was not counter-revolutionary.However, at that time, the main head of the Ministry of Public Security believed that this was an actual counter-revolution and should be severely punished.When Liu Shaoqi knew this, he immediately told the comrades concerned not to condemn her, but to send her back to her place of origin and investigate whether the problems she had reported were true before dealing with them.However, the local people’s court sentenced her to five years in prison.Liu later became angry when he saw the ruling and ordered the hunan provincial political and legal authorities to review it.In January 1961, the Political and legal bureau of Hunan Province sent a report saying that, based on the investigation, she could be dealt with as a matter of internal contradictions among the people, the judgment could be annulled and she could remain in her original work unit without being dismissed or discriminated against.Liu Shaoqi very agree with this treatment, he said with emotion: “the people dare to tell the truth, dare to higher authorities until the CPC Central Committee to reflect the real situation, this is the trust of our party, the love of our country, is also the foundation of our cause prosperity!”On the same day, he wrote in a report of Hunan Province that comrade Zhang Pinghua should talk to the young woman in person. On the one hand, he encouraged her to report the situation in the countryside seriously to the central government, and on the other hand, he should properly criticize her for her wrong understanding of the people’s commune and the methods she had adopted, so as to lead her to the right path.Another time is, in the spring of 1961, Liu Shaoqi in Changsha County, Hunan Tianhua brigade investigation and research of the rural situation, found that the poor farmer who had served as a breeder to the brigade leadership said that he and his father had been killing cattle, he personally asked about the matter.The brigade leader told him that in 1957, the cattle that the breeder raised died suddenly. When the cattle were stripped, a three or four inch long iron wire was found in the lung of the cow.”Then how did the wire get into the cow’s lungs?” Liu asked.The brigade leader said, “The keeper nailed it through the ox’s neck.”Liu Shaoqi listened to expressed doubt, and immediately asked to accompany the Hunan Provincial public security department comrades to reinvestigate.Later, he asked his secretary, who had a cow as a child, about the characteristics of the cow.Soon after he returned to Beijing, he received an investigation report from the Hunan Public Security Bureau, which revealed the truth of the matter. It turned out that a 10-year-old boy in another brigade had fed a piece of wire wrapped in grass to a cow, and the cow began to have diarrhea.Later, the cow was sold to the Tianhua Brigade, and despite the meticulous feeding of the keepers, the cow died a few months later.This has nothing to do with the keeper.The father and son were righted of their grievance.After reading the report, Liu Shaoqi made detailed instructions on the above, and finally said: “There are still such unjust cases in various places. It is up to the local public security and political organs to carry out serious investigations and studies and draw conclusions in accordance with the actual situation.During the Great Leap Forward, a rare survey in human history, there was a lot of hype.In order to find out the real situation of rural production and the lives of the masses, Comrade Liu Shaoqi went to many provinces in the north and south of the Yangtze River to make investigations.In 1961, Liu Shaoqi went to Hunan for investigation and lived in a feed room on a pig farm.One day, he went for a walk to the hill behind his residence and saw a pool of dried excrement. He rubbed it out with his foot and examined it carefully. Then he said to the staff beside him, “You see, there is not much grain in it.In order to master first-hand information, Liu shaoqi specially took the method of “surprise attack” at the farmers’ meals to see what they ate at their homes.Once, when he saw the commune members eating substitute food, he remained silent for a long time without saying a word.On another occasion, he went to visit a commune member who was suffering from edema and said in a low voice, “I’m sorry to you and everyone for making everyone have no food.”Back in Changsha, Liu shaoqi wrote the investigation report and sent it to Chairman MAO by plane overnight to prepare for the meeting of 7,000 people held by the Central Committee.After Liu shaoqi died, the staff around him recalled the investigation and said with deep emotion: “A president of China, in order to find out the people’s living conditions, personally inspect people’s excrement, this is probably rare in human history!”From | the leadership Wen Cui on manuscript source | in February 2022, “the story of the history of the party” in this paper, the author | Zhang Yuwen editors edit | | well NingWei letter youth