2 out of 11, 9 out of 15, at a glance!Embiid has no face, but li is helpless

2022-05-07 0 By

Harden had the best season of his rockets career in 2018, leading the rockets to the Western Conference finals, where they didn’t beat the Warriors, but the rockets were impressive enough that year.Everyone blames Harden for the rockets’ success, but the fact that Paul joined the rockets is the one who transformed Harden, and Paul is no less effective than Harden.And in today’s 76ers game against phoenix, Paul proved it again, even at 36, he’s still better than harden was in his junior year, and he’s a part of harden’s success.As the core of the two teams defender, harden and Paul’s gap is too obvious, among them harden to the hit two goals in 11 times, had 14 points and 9 assists, and Paul is making 9 of 15 plus sent 14 assists, and eventually the SUNS 19 points in Philadelphia, do well in well than DE cases, the biggest problem is in the running.The gap between him and Paul is now clear.Embiid had his best game of the night, finishing with 37 points and 15 rebounds, a tough number to put up against the SUNS ‘stranglehold inside.Than to lose the game can let’s lose all the face, and before long he had just boarded the first regular season MVP list, but was immediately face, after losing the game in Philadelphia had fallen to a record of the east fourth, it is even poorer than harden in before, before return know harden, Philadelphia, can also record in the eastern third.For Rivers, there’s nothing he can do about it. After all, Harden’s condition has little to do with his coaching, and he’s helpless to see his team’s record slide. He didn’t expect Harden to degrade so much.In fact, Harden has not played very well all season, both individual numbers and team record are far below expectations, such Harden is still very disappointing.Of course, the media has been playing up the hamstring problem, but for Harden, it’s been going on for most of the season, and if it’s going to be an injury, harden should be resting and not going down in the playoffs.Philadelphia traded Harden with one goal in mind this season, an NBA championship, and the other was a failure.In fact, it was the next best thing for Philly to pursue Harden. The man they wanted was Chris Paul, but Paul didn’t like the team, but he asked to join the SUNS, and the Philly backcourt became Paul.Now that the gap is so clear, it’s a bit of a regret for Philadelphia, and there’s reason to believe that if Paul and Embiid were paired, perhaps Embiid would have won the MVP.But since Philly chose Harden, he has to go on his knees. You picked him, idol!