Unable to win a medal, Lee jung-soo hopes the Korean team will withdraw and return home!Chinese coach Ahn Hyun-soo was hit by the net

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Koreans can’t win MEDALS without breaking the rules.Wang meng said: Since 2018, there have been too many controversies in short track speed skating, so there are specific penalty rules.It was the pyeongchang Winter Olympics that caused so much controversy that the penalty rules were issued. Now, Korean athletes cannot win MEDALS without breaking the rules.Once said, Pyeongchang is famous, the ice hockey association has been disturbed, and with the details of the penalty, there is no matter for Korean athletes.However, South Korea appealed the short-track penalty to the International Court of Arbitration.South Korea’s winter Olympics team has decided to take its short-track speed skaters to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to protest against unfair punishment, the Country’s Olympic Committee said.As a result, not surprisingly, the International Skating Federation rejected the Appeal of the South Korean team, the International Skating Federation said: the match was no problem, there is no problem with China’s second gold medal.Unfortunately, the Korean team still believes the match was rigged and will appeal directly to CAS.In fact, the so-called controversial judgment, the extranet continues to ferment!Liu Shaolin foul, Hungary to appeal;South Korea appealed the decision in the semi-final.But the INTERNATIONAL Skating Federation issued a statement rejecting the appeals of South Korea and Hungary respectively.Lee Jeong-soo, one of South Korea’s most famous athletes, expressed his hope that the South Korean team could retire and return home to prepare for the next Winter Olympics in advance.Some netizens said: “Rules are rules, like South Korea always want to rely on small moves to win the era, has passed, look at the Chinese team once South Korean athletes and coaches, why come to China, South Koreans themselves don’t know?Public opinion in South Korea continues to grow, with many koreans calling for the South Korean team to withdraw from the team to fight against the “unfair” decision.As a man of justice, IF the Korean team leaves, I respect you as a person.It’s hard to understand why Chinese short-track speed skating team An Xianzhu has to speak out to stop his family from being hit by Internet abuse in South Korea.This is the pattern of Korean netizens, who blame the rules instead of reflecting on themselves.They’re a bunch of clowns with extreme self-abasement and distortion.Ahn said, Everything I am in now is the result of my past choices or mistakes. I can accept any criticism with an open mind.But nothing hurts more than seeing family members hurt without any mistakes.As one said, Ahn Hyun-soo will be scolded. Koreans: he will be scolded for naturalizing Russia, he will be scolded for teaching China, he will be scolded for failing to achieve results, and he will be scolded for achieving results. In China, there is only one situation to be scolded: no results.