Take advantage of the cool, enjoy the countryside fireworks | depth test drive jiex70m

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Every summer in Chongqing, the summer house is a topic that the old people in the family can’t get around.My old two, naturally can not bear the high temperature here, they went to the wulong district in Mugen Shop, the average summer temperature of 22 degrees that set of small summer room.It’s not a big place, but it’s cool, and the housing price is at least half the price of some popular summer houses around Chongqing. Besides, it’s also easy to buy food and cook in small towns — all in all, once you live here, you feel good.The old couple enjoy the cool in the mountains, and we naturally want to enjoy a meal and cool off from time to time.However, every time we encounter a vehicle of this kind above the medium distance, we look at our car and worry about how it will pass if we have a “nice view” on the road.Xuanyi Minimum price: 89,800 maximum price reduction:10000 image parameter configuration for reserve understand car 3.64 to understand the measurement space, such as performance juyou ring 670000 19800 | 1286 juyou hot used car comes at a time at this point, the company got a rapid way X70M (image) | | configuration inquiry, you need to complete test report that, in at ordinary times, with such work,We are certainly muffled voice and other arrangements;However, as soon as I heard it was a good way, I immediately took the key and happily set out, with the last word “if there is any difficulty, I will go”, along with two friends who were about to be “baked” in Chongqing.What about high speed performance?Every time I drive a new car, I’m both excited and worried.Excited is the hope that it can bring me look forward to the good;The worry is that it will create a bad experience, especially if there are friends and family on board.This time, though, jetway X70M made my excitement add and my worry subtract.After chongqing city of plugging plugging, finally on the highway.To my surprise, the Jetto X70M’s six-speed dual-clutch transmission didn’t bother me AT all, and it felt just as brisk as the AT.Express way X70M lowest price: 64900 cases of highest price: 03000 image parameter configuration for reserve understand car 3.49 to understand the observed no juyou ring 13000 79900 | 1 juyou hot used car speeding always nod off, only the accelerator pedal try express way X70M power to relieve tired.The 1.5T engine has 156 horsepower and 230 nm of torque, reaching maximum torque at 1,750 RPM when the turbo kicks in.While the 100 – to 120-yard acceleration times were not accurately calculated by tools, they felt similar to, or even faster than, the 2.0-l self-priming engine I had on my previous model.Although I wanted to try to hit a higher speed, I had no choice but to feel the harsh eyes of the passenger seat and the back seat.At 120 yards, however, the car still has plenty of room for a sub 3,000 RPM engine.But this is always a family SUV, and power isn’t what makes people pay for it.Space, comfort and configuration are the primary concerns.In terms of comfort at high speed — noise is there, but within acceptable limits.The front and back rows can communicate normally without yelling.An SUV, after all, from the size and height is bigger than cars, want to achieve in cars so low wind resistance coefficient is obviously not possible, the way is X70M commendable is the engine noise suppression, SUV faction within the range of 80000 yuan, an index to the single theory, and part of the joint venture brands can keep on the same level.At the configuration level, the only thing missing is that the car and the machine do not have their own navigation system, which can only be connected through Baidu Carlife.But things like reverse imaging, cruise control, keyless systems, uphill assistance……And so configuration in a top match price of no more than 90,000 medium-sized SUV, has been full of sincerity.How did the mountain road perform?Turn off the sleepy highway and follow the Wujiang Gallery to find a natural swimming pool.From Fuling south road highway, into the Fuling to Baitao section of wujiang Gallery section.Navigation input “brook” can easily find a slightly shabby scenic entrance.But if I had not driven the Jetway X70M at that time, but my own car, maybe in the face of this “pure off-road” ploughing road, it is very likely to turn away.The route probably stops in front of a seemingly unfinished tunnel, and you just have to go through the dark (and extremely bumpy) tunnel to be enlightened.When you see a “Pa Wang Temple”, the natural pool is not far away.Park your car and walk past the temple of Ba Wang on the mountain and the huge stones at the foot of the mountain. A spring swimming pool under the “Tiansheng Bridge” comes into view.I was glad that the quick way X70M, which never “dropped the chain”, led us to this “paradise of water playing” known to locals.Leaving the creek, we started the real mountain drive.For jetway X70M, the biggest concern is whether the 1.5T engine can perform well on hilly roads.Of course, not that it won’t be able to make it to the top of the mountain, that’s a bit of an exaggeration.For the slope of wuling Mountain, the most afraid is the power output state of “too much 2 gear and not enough 3 gear” caused by not active shift.However, jetway X70M in the performance of mountain road, let my excitement do addition, worry do subtraction.Whether it is the shift speed of 2 and 3, or the shift clearance of 3 and 4.Jetway X70M does the best it can.On the 180-degree turn uphill, there was no uncomfortable push from the big throttle after the loss of speed.On the long ascent, there was no surge in engine noise caused by drag gear, and the climb was smooth.For the chassis, after urban road speed bumps, Jietu X70M the performance of the whole chassis is comfortable, the filter effect is good, there is no extra turbulence to the car.On the highway, there will be no great feeling for the chassis.However, mountain road is different. For a medium-sized SUV with a natural roll larger than a car, whether there is enough chassis support determines the comfort level of riding and even driving.More than one side of life of course, we escape from the concrete of the urban forest.To the Tiansheng Bridge under the “Tiansheng Pool”;To the country deep in the mountains;To a secret place completely inaccessible by car……In the mountain stream swimming pool, we wanton play;In the simple countryside, we taste all the fresh mountain products;To the top of the secret, we crazy breath the freshest air – our side, always have jietu X70M company;And I believe baymax can take us to many more places.Going to the distance is the most immediate experience a car can bring you, but just going to the distance is certainly not enough.For the family car, expanding the width of life is important, reducing the cost of car is also the focus of our concern.Express way brand can rapid leap up is red, its biggest advantage is cost-effective, at this time I get A X70M as an example, the top match also but the price of 80000 yuan, plus the old couple in the wood shop to buy small house, A total cost less than 150000 yuan, which is A mid-size SUV and A set of the total price of the summer room – yes, you read that right, cheaper than buying A joint a-class car also.Express way X70M lowest price: 64900 cases of highest price: 03000 image parameter configuration for reserve understand car 3.49 to understand the observed no juyou ring 13000 79900 | juyou hot used car 1 car can also have more cost-effective than this operation?…In addition, the rich configuration, wide space, everything for the purpose of practical design — these are the X70M body “fireworks”;At the same time, the back of chery jietu brand also does not forget the “quality” of the original heart, after the market test in recent years, has been the trust of consumers.Jietu X70M, with “double high” product and quality, can not only draw from chery’s 23 years of car manufacturing experience, but also has the quality certification of 200,000 Jietu owners, and can also get the support of the world’s top supplier system — this super cost-effective “new national good car”, has the ability to add a “+” for our life.