King of Glory: Nuwa’s new skin tonifies the sky and special effects show her classic story

2022-05-06 0 By

Nuwa new skin to day should be a lot of people have seen it, it is a word of mouth burst this year skin, a legend quality limit skin, the skin completely echo the subject of the hand that mends myth and legend story, the skin appearance of animation is the story of an epic, nuwa use of five-color stones to day, with the strength of his creation to rescue the livelihood in fire and water.Effects is also fill again shows the days back to the scene, the skin of nuwa after defeated the special effects were disappeared, deduce the day nuwa went missing after the results and skills are based on special effects five-color stone is given priority to, the effect of the new skin that come out is really amazing, is on a big picture of the design of the above is the classic story about nuwa,The story is divided into three sections, the first is the story of nuwa made people, the second is the story of nuwa wine, the third is the story of nuwa patching the sky, the design of the characters when nuwa rose to six when the skirt will also give birth to the end of the golden swallow around, rose to twelve levels of the time will also give birth to the five-color stone condensation of the light wheel.