Jingzhou Shashi Airport has turned in its excellent report card for one year

2022-05-06 0 By

On January 30, 2021, Jingzhou Shashi Airport officially opened to traffic, making people in Jingzhou realize their dream of blue sky again.In the twinkling of an eye, one year has passed. Today (January 26) morning, Jingzhou Shashi Airport held the first anniversary celebration of General Aviation and service brand press conference.At the event site, Jingzhou Shashi Airport released the report card, service brand Logo, brand core value, brand concept and the “14th Five-year” development plan.The airport also invited directors, singers and we media people from all over the country to help jingzhou’s development.The service brand of Jingzhou Shashi Airport is “Jingchu Situation”.Brand LOGO based on phoenix, into jingzhou Shashi airport LOGO, as well as dragon, aircraft and other elements, meaning Jingzhou civil aviation dragon and phoenix prosperous, let Jingzhou Shashi Airport become the new power source of jingzhou city development, civil aviation development of new heights.It has been one year since The opening of Jingzhou Shashi Airport. Overcoming various difficulties, it has realized the annual passenger throughput of 442,300 person-times, ranking first among the newly opened regional airports in China.It has opened 12 air routes to 17 cities.Among airports of the same level in China, the number of cities open to traffic in the first year is the first square.Outlook “difference”, jingzhou shashi airport said to build a new benchmark in central China regional airport as the goal, to speed up the open function of the civil aviation cargo, accelerate the construction of general aviation, accelerate the comprehensive development of civil aviation by the end of 2025, the local navigation city reached around 34, throughput of 1.5 million passengers, realize the people together, wingers.(Jingzhou Rong Media Center reporter: Yang Yin, Chen Xiaowu Editing: Zhu Jiamin)